Shopee Conversion rate is the percentage of successful turning points that change a visitor into a buyer. It is a term often associated with advertising and digital marketing. When you run an ad, numerous people click on it but only clickers who actually complete the buyer journey are considered part of the conversion rate calculation. Conversion rate is our way to determine advertising and content strategies that effectively drive sales. 

Despite its pairing with advertising, it is something that can apply to the whole system and SOPs of your Shopee store. Every action or lack thereof in your Shopee store is considered a strategy. And your conversion rate tells you whether your strategy is worth keeping or expanding depending on how many sales/revenue are generated. 

How Do Conversion Rate Impact Sales?

Shopee Conversion rate is an indication of how well you are doing in terms of marketing/sales tactics. There is no straight line in growing and expanding a Shopee store. While there are SOPs and guidelines that can help you make it through, you’ll still need to do some trial and errors to see which strategies will bring you towards your business objectives.

But it’s not just about simply comparing your present conversion rate with the previous one. To further guide your brand, you need to go through the process of conducting conversion rate optimization. 

If you neglect Shopee conversion rate optimization, you may not notice that your actions as a seller are actually impacting your revenue/sales in a negative way. This is why we’ve listed down some actionable guidelines that you can do to gear your store towards conversion. 

Looking At Your Current Standing With Shopee Business Insights

Shopee Business Insights gives you a numerical overview of your performance. Regardless of your standing in terms of revenue, it helps to see statistics that will help you determine which elements of your Shopee store you can improve on. 

Shopee Business Insights will give you a visual representation of how recent actions have impacted your sales. Apart from that, it will tell you the trends that are currently present in your store which can help you anticipate future strategies. To learn the ins and outs of the Shopee Business Insights, check out our overview

Keyword Research As The Foundation Of Your Shopee Store & Its Potential Sales

Some people commence the first step of being a Shopee seller by creating product listings. However, a more strategic approach would be to prioritize keyword research. And while many people come towards Google for keyword research, we recommend using Split Dragon’s Keyword Suggestion Tool. 

Google may be the biggest search engine on the internet but since your buyers are mostly using Shopee as their sole search engine, you need a keyword research tool that has access to the Shopee algorithm. 

Split Dragon is an SEO and CRO software designed specifically for Shopee and Lazada sellers. As such, its keyword suggestion tool bases its keyword results from the algorithm of Shopee (and Lazada, respectively). 

By incorporating Shopee-specific keywords into your product listings (and even campaigns), you will be able to successfully drive good traffic and sales to your product pages. To learn more about Split Dragon’s keyword suggestion tool, check out our post on Keyword Research: How to Find The Best Search Terms on Shopee and Lazada.

Optimize And Constantly Update Your Product Listings

Product listings are like an engine. They have small parts that you have to upgrade to ensure the optimum functionality of the engine. 

If product listings are the engine, then the keywords are the small parts. Keyword trends can literally change overnight. No matter how solid your keyword research is, it may not be valid anymore in a few months. And so, you need to constantly replace those keywords with new and high-ranking ones.

Product Titles

Keywords are important to incorporate in the product title as well. As far as that is concerned, you can follow this format: 

Brand Name + Product Model + Specifications + Size + Keywords for SEO

Or better yet, check out our post on Selling on Shopee: 6 Biggest Success Factors For A Shopee Seller. 

Product Description

The product description also plays a vital role in your product listings. Take note of the following best practices:

  • Be accurate (don’t overstate or understate the product)
  • Talk about variations (if any)
  • Talk about the perks/benefits and not just the technical specs of the product
  • Find the balance between conversational and professional tone

Product Images

For the images, always remember the following:

  • The main image should have your logo imprinted on it
  • The image should have a white background
  • Preferably, use a professional camera (like a DSLR)
  • Make sure to find good lighting
  • Make slight edits using Adobe Lightroom

Strategically Setting Prices

Maintaining competitive pricing is important. It would be a good idea to lower the original price to the market price. Most online shoppers are price sensitive. So, if you are selling a competitive product, customers will most likely deter you if your price is high. You can also use vouchers and other promos (like Free Shipping) to entice customers through great value.

Additionally, you may find that lowering your price doesn’t increase the Shopee conversion rate. If this is what you find out, then you can safely keep your price higher and make more profit per unit sold.

Split Dragon also offers a competitor tracking feature. One of the perks that you get from this is the automatic email alerts each time your competitors change their prices. By knowing how other stores price alike products to yours, you can take action accordingly.

Automate Customer Replies

Even though you are doing your best to reply to all customer queries, awaiting the buyer may decide to switch to a different buyer if your response takes too long. With that, it would be a good idea to set an automated reply to inquirers just to let them know that you’ve received their message and that you will get back to them ASAP. 

Another great way to use auto-replies would be to write a FAQ section so that questions that fall under general inquiries will be immediately answered. 

We’ve covered a section about setting up automated replies on Shopee on our 6 Biggest Success Factors For Shopee Sellers. We recommend that you check it out. 

Build Credibility Through Positive Customer Reviews

Positive customer reviews not only win you a high retention rate but it also a good indication to potential new buyers that your brand and product are reliable, authentic, and is worth the purchase. 

And so, in optimizing your Shopee conversion rate, it is important to protect your reviews and rating. 

The key here is to make sure that your customers are satisfied with your service. This means being responsive to queries (since customers can still get back at you for not replying to their inquiries through the review section). Don’t underestimate the power of good customer service. If good CS is not in your priority list, our post on The Importance Of Customer Service For Shopee and Lazada Brands might be a good read for you. 

It also means that you need to immediately fulfill orders as soon as you receive them. Make sure that you update your schedule regularly if you have lots of orders coming in so that you won’t delay the shipping of the products. 

But don’t ship the order without checking the item first. Make sure that your products are in their most optimal condition before shipping. Otherwise, this too will reflect in their review. 

But regardless of how well you optimize your operational procedures, one or two negative reviews still manage to pop up sometimes. In that case, simply send the customer a message asking them about their issue. Do your best to find a solution to their problem. Once everything is solved, you can ask the customer to change the review. Most of the time, customers agree to change negative reviews into five-star reviews if their issue is given a resolution. 

Strategically Increase Sales Per Buyer 

There are two strategies that you can incorporate in your Shopee store to boost your sale per buyer. One is through increasing basket size through vouchers and bundle deals. The discounts and money saved will encourage buyers to hit the minimum spending so they can enjoy the reduced cost of their purchase. 

Second, increase sales per buyer through cross-selling and upselling. Cross-selling pertains to encouraging a customer to purchase complementary products of the item that they are looking to purchase. To make the deal more attractive, you have to lower the cost of the complementary products. 

Upselling, on the other hand, is like this: a buyer is looking at a Nintendo Switch Lite. To upsell a product, you need to convince the customer to switch his purchase to a Nintendo Switch Original Set. For your offer to become successful, you need to lower the price of the item. 

Keep An Eye On Your Competitors

To move upwards or maintain a particular position, it is important to always check back with what your competitors are doing. 

To do this manually would take up a lot of your time that can be used for other marketing/sales-driven tasks (or even Shopee conversion rate optimization tasks). 

In order to better allocate your time, we recommend that you use Split Dragon’s Competitor Tracking feature

While you’re off growing your Shopee brand, Split Dragon is working on the sidelines keeping an eye on your competitors. Each time there is a change in your competitors’ store/products, you will receive an email alert from us notifying you of the changes that occur. 

You can then head over to the Split Dragon website to analyze the data that we’ve gathered for you. 

The Ultimate Guide to Shopee Conversion Rate Optimization

Now that you know what your competitors are up to, you can then make a more informed decision as to what actions to take next. 

Track Your Search Ranking

One thing that can greatly affect your Shopee conversion rate is your search rank. If you aren’t visible to customers, you will really have trouble pulling your revenue up. 

Apart from that, you also need to align your current search rank to the advertising and other marketing efforts that you do. In this particular aspect, search rank tracking is of great importance. 

Just like competitor research, search rank tracking also demands a lot of your time. Time is really essential for Shopee sellers and so, we recommend incorporating automation in your search rank tracking. 

Automated search rank tracking is another one of Split Dragon’s many features. The platform lets you add keywords to your products. As you do that, Split Dragon will be the one to constantly gather the data. You will receive email notifications to inform you of any changes that have occurred in terms of your search rank. Upon receiving this notification, you can also check with the site to see the charts and data that the team has obtained for you. Check out our Search Rank Tracking: How to Track Your SEO In Lazada And Shopee

Run Well-Targeted Campaigns

Before running a campaign, it is vital to determine who your target audience is. Otherwise, your campaign/ads will only bring you bad traffic (in other words, people who clicked are less likely to convert)

To run a well-targeted campaign, you need to run thorough keyword research through Split Dragon’s Keyword suggestion tool. It is a keyword research tool that targets the Shopee and Lazada search engines. 

After you’ve selected a few keywords to use for the campaign, you can give your chosen terms a test in the Shopee app or website. Search the keywords one by one and think of yourself as a buyer. 

If the products that appeared in the SERPs are relevant to the product you are selling, it means it is a good keyword for your campaign. 

For a thorough tutorial on how to conduct proper keyword research for campaigns, check out our post on How to Find The Best Search Terms For Lazada and Shopee. 

Conduct AB Tests Of Your Product Listings

If you have a low Shopee conversion rate for a particular product listing compared to the rest of your items, you may need to conduct an AB Test to experiment on different variations of this particular product listing. 

This is another process that can be automated through Split Dragon as well. 

Go to your products and then click the red dots following the select product’s lane. Click Add New AB Test. 

The Ultimate Guide to Shopee Conversion Rate Optimization

Select an attribute that you want to do the AB Test on and then proceed with the test. You will receive an email notification about the result. You can also update the product listing with the better version straight from Split Dragon. 

Be Active On Shopee Live Stream And Be Selective In Curating Your Program Flow

Shopee Live Stream is a great way for you to connect with your customers in a more personal way. It lets you do more than just optimize your product listings and run campaigns for extra traffic. Live streams let you interact with your audience and know how they tick. This gives you a head’s up on the best ways to sell to them. 

It gives you a great boost in conversions as well since customers can practically buy the products that you highlight during the live stream on the spot. 

You can craft an interesting program flow that will keep your audience engaged. As you do so, you’ll do more than just convert viewers to customers. You will also be able to find new followers and therefore, further expanding your reach. 

Giving away vouchers during the live stream also increases the conversion on that particular live stream session.  

Despite the proven statistics on successful Shopee Live Stream-driven conversions, you still need to be selective in curating your program flow. Unless you keep your audience hooked, you won’t be able to achieve optimal success for your live stream objectives. Learn the ins and outs of successful live streaming on our post on 5 Reasons Why Your Lazada or Shopee Live Stream May Fail and What You Can Do About It.

Fulfill Orders ASAP

It is important not to keep buyers waiting, most especially in the case of order fulfillment. The wait for product arrival brings an adrenaline rush to customers. It keeps the whole online shopping experience exciting for them. However, if you make them wait too long, they will lose interest not just in the product but any potential future transactions with your store. 

Apart from that, there are also customers who intend to cancel an order if it is taking too long to be fulfilled. There is nothing more saddening to a Shopee seller than to lose a closed deal. These canceled orders will result in a lower seller rating. As seller ratings have an effect on customer buying decisions, it will also impact your overall Shopee conversion rate. 

Seek Good Timing When Running Campaigns/Promotions

You can set a calendar for dates you want to run your campaigns/promotions. Research about holidays and other special occasions that can impact buyer demand on Shopee. Prioritize those dates. 

Another indicator of a good campaign time is Shopee’s very own campaign list. Shopee regularly refreshes its list of campaigns (free registration to sellers). Take a look at when these campaigns will be taking place. For sure, during these periods, there is going to be quite a decent amount of buyer demand on Shopee. 

When it comes to ads, you can practically run them at any time of the year that you want. But you’d have to rethink your timing when it comes to running free shipping promotions. If you run free shipping promos during an untimely date, you may not be able to maximize its maximum sales potential compared to running it on times when buyer demand is high. 

Use Shop Decoration To Make Your Store Look Attractive To Buyers

There are multiple factors that affect a customer’s buying decision. Brand authenticity and reliability is one of them. And so, one of the things that you need to prioritize is the professional representation of your Shopee store. 

Shop Decoration is a Shopee-integrated feature that lets you customize the appearance of your store. 

When a customer thinks of buying something online, he usually looks at multiple product listings. He’d first look at the design and then the variations in function. But ultimately, he is more likely to purchase the product from the shop that looked the most authentic. Hence, making your shop look professional and authentic gives you an edge among your competitors. 

To learn more about Shop Decoration and how you can get started with it, check out our post on Shopee Shop Decoration  – Complete Guide by Split Dragon.

Have you used any of these tactics before? What is your Shopee conversion rate optimization story? Let us know in the comment section. 


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