This is the first part of a two part series on how to improve your Lazada sales.

Sales are the lifeblood of any eCommerce organization. Without adequate sales, you will not earn the revenue to meet your expenses, grow your business, and reward yourself.

As a seller on Lazada, you need an adequate quantity of sales to meet your objectives.

So, how do you increase your Lazada sales for business success and business growth?

Understand Your Customer Journey

The first step towards increasing your sales is understanding the behavior and buying decision of your customers, who are the ones that produce the revenue and promote your brand.

As a result, you need to have a good grasp of your target audience, such as: their likes, the most important factors that make them buy, their demographics, the people and things that influence their behavior.

More specifically, you will need to understand how they go from product search to product comparison to making a purchase. At each of those steps, different marketing efforts are important.


So how do you increase your Lazada sales?

1. Drive Traffic to your Store

Traffic is the foundation of everything. You can drive traffic to your store by optimizing your store for the Lazada search engine.

You can also drive independent traffic to your store through social media marketing and other digital marketing techniques. This will allow you to get some independent buyers who will come looking for your product on the platform. Below are the steps you can do to follow during the customer journey

Step 1: Drive Impressions

During the Product Search stage, the customers type in the keywords of the products they are looking for, and the search engine returns results based on the product search keywords on Lazada search. This is the part where you ask yourself: “How can I make sure the customers find my products?”. We have mentioned a few tips on how you can optimize your store for the products search rank in our previous blog posts, summarized as below: 

These will make you rank better on the product search rank. To keep a tab on your ranking, you can use the Split Dragon Lazada search rank tracking feature to monitor your rank and notice improvements as you implement better search optimization techniques.

Step 2: Create Compelling Experiences

When people find your store and products through the search, you have a few seconds to make the kind of impression that leads to sales.

To improve your CTR (click through rate), here are some essential tips:

  •     Include High quality, catchy images that represent your product. We discussed a few tips on how to use images that can emotionally connect with your buyers in this blog post
  •     Competitively price your product
  •     Ensure you have good ratings and reviews
  •     Give free shipping

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Step 3: Optimize For Conversion

Once you have gotten your potential customers to click through your product, you need to seal that interest and ensure they decide to purchase. Here are some helpful tips:

  •      A Unique Selling Proposition that appeals to your target audience (based on your understanding of your customers)
  •      An excellent product description that communicates value with the appropriate product parameters
  •      Powerful and irresistible Call To Action (CTA)
  •      Anticipate and answer questions they will have in your product detail page
  •      Ensure you always have items in stock
  •      Emphasize return and warranty and customer satisfaction

2. Understand the Lazada Ranking Algorithm

Understanding how the ranking algorithm functions will help you to be better prepared to rank high on the product search rank. Lazada focuses on how your title and keyword matches the search terms and how your chosen product category aligns with your product. In this blog post, we described the most impacting factor to the search rank based on Lazada ranking algorithm. 

Besides the product title and product short descriptions/ bullet points, sales last week and sales last 30 days are as important in Lazada search rank algorithm. So make sure to include discounts, promotions or sales during your product launch – along with the keywords optimization, so you can start out strong and maintain high ranking.

3. Leverage Lazada Resources

Lazada is always producing resources and materials to help their sellers make better sales and improve users’ experience.

Take advantage of these resources through the Lazada Seller Center. You will find invaluable resources that will aid your selling efforts.

Discount and promotion tools

Offering discounts to prospective buyers can increase your CTR and conversion. SE Asian buyers love discounts and promotional prices. Use them to your advantage.

In addition to that, you can apply for the Lazada promotional activities under the promotion management activity. If approved, your product will be listed in the promotion area which will give better visibility and conversion rate.

Lazada University

Lazada University provides courses, workshops, and materials that are directed towards helping sellers improve their sales.

Enroll in the University and take advantage of the amazing learning resources to improve your sales and store performance.


Increasing your sales must begin with an adequate understanding of the customer journey and the application of the relevant techniques and best practices to maximize your performance at those levels.

Reread this article, implement the techniques, make use of the other suggested materials and you will be on your way to massive sales.

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