Looking for practical steps to become a powerful vendor on the biggest ecommerce site in Southeast Asia?

Perhaps, you’re just starting out and you’re searching for useful ideas to help you market your products on Lazada.com.

Congratulations, your exhaustive search ends here.

Exclusively in this guide, we’re going to give you the low-down of how you can become a pro seller on Lazada with minimal effort. And it doesn’t even matter if you don’t have a strong background in ecommerce selling.

Establish Yourself as A Seller on Lazada Earning the power seller title

On your journey to becoming a power seller on Lazada, you need to meet certain requirements to earn the badge. And the proven way to achieve the status is by positioning your brand and driving sales in the marketplace.

Moreover, it comes with a lot of benefits. Best sellers on Lazada often enjoy free promotion for their products (ie – seller picks).

They’re charged lower fees and they also get recommended for cross-border selling and participation in campaigns.

So, read on to learn how to become a Lazada power seller.

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Do rigorous competitor research and analysis

Critical competitor analysis opens a lot of doors for new sellers. It is one of the first things you should do. It will not only show you best-selling products in the marketplace, but also help you understand your competitors’ strategy, the inner workings of the market and even get more creative with your master plan.

Take the time to check out a cross section of your competitors. Visit their websites, check their product pages, understand their content structure and learn how they sell and deliver to buyers. You can even place an experimental order to better understand their pre-sales and after-sales services. Some of them have good return and refund policies, you can as well return the product to get familiar with how they operate.

Make your product descriptions as compelling as possible

Product descriptions can make or break sales. For higher conversion, you should get some clean, precise and compelling copies written for your product page. A good product description would clearly reflect the unique features and benefits of your products. So, you must make it perfect and actionable.

Hire professional copywriters to help you out if you feel that you do not have this skill. If you decide you’re going to write the product descriptions yourself, then you can read helpful articles and take quick online courses on how to write excellent product descriptions and apply the appropriate images.

Comply with Lazada’s SLAs

Lazada’s Service Level Agreements (SLAs) should be taken very seriously. Do not violate the SLAs. Ensure to read the agreement to understand the certain conditions you need to fulfill before you can become a power seller in the marketplace.

In addition, fulfil your buyers order on time and keep your customers happy and satisfied at all times. Make sure you reply to all chats in a timely manner!

Humanize your brand

One of the top secrets to becoming a powerful seller is by standing out from the crowd. This way, you’ll not only differentiate your products from a pool of competitors, but also put up a brand that appeals to your potential buyers. In your brand or seller page, you can create an interesting story around your brand – one that truly reflects your brand value and eventually motivates your audience to buy from you.

Have impressive customer service

True to its reputation as the biggest ecommerce marketplace in Southeast Asia, Lazada frowns at poor customer service. Like any other competitive marketplace, poor customer feedbacks can dash your hopes of becoming a power seller on Lazada.

Treat your customers like kings and have your reputation grow in the marketplace. A great way to provide excellent customer service is by handling customer queries, complaints and returns quickly and effectively. Also, ensure to keep your returns and refund procedures simple and easy for buyers to follow.

Launch relevant and relatable sales promotions

The goal of offering discounts and special offers is to get noticed. However, Lazada has unique trends and themes for promotion in its marketplace, especially for seasonal sales and holiday offers. You can become a powerful seller on Lazada by creating sales ads that resonate with buyers and the marketplace. Align your ads with Lazada’s set themes and watch your sales go through the roof!


Remember, the idea is to earn the powerful seller badge by attaining massive sales and maintaining a good marketplace reputation. So, make sure you follow these steps to be the best seller in your niche. Good luck!

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