Before we go into the specifics of Product Boosting, let’s see how way back 2020, Shopee surpassed Lazada in terms of number of website visits and hits $35.4 billion gross merchandise sales.

Since then, their dominance in the e-commerce field has only grown.Their wide product selection, plus their marketing tactics combined with entertainment (Shopee Livestream, Shopee Quiz, Flash Sales, etc.) made them a better choice during the height of the quarantine.

With Shopee’s robust scale of online presence, there’s no doubt that Shopee is a preferred online marketplace especially for those who are newbies in online selling.

However, just like any leading online marketplaces, Shopee sellers are always facing relentless competition and price wars. 

To help Shopee sellers, Shopee introduced Product Boosting!

How to boost your product on Shopee’s search result

Once you set up your online store in Shopee, the real challenge begins. Your next goal is to make sure that your products reach the online shoppers.

Visibility is the key to gaining traffic. And you can do this by appearing on the top search recommendations or you appear on the first page of search results. 

But how do you do this exactly?

There are a number of in-app campaigns you can use on Shopee, but in this blog, we will highlight the Boost function. 

But first, what is boost now in Shopee?

Boost is a function in Shopee that will help place your product on top of the category’s search results.

This is great because:

  • It can increase of your products’ visibility
  • It can help you sell more items
  • It’s free!

But of course, there’s a limitation:

  • Each seller is given 5 slots for 5 products. Each slot can be boosted any time, but the booster only lasts for 4 hours.

This means that you can only boost up to 5 products every 4 hours. Once you reach the limit, the “Boost” option will be disabled. 

You can easily keep track using the countdown timer under the “More” dropdown menu. 

How to Effectively do Product Boosting in Shopee?

To boost a product, open your Shopee Seller Center. On the side bar menu, click on the “My Products”.

  • Find the specific products you want to boost. Under the “Options” column, click “More” to open the dropdown menu.
  • Click on “Boost Now” and get more views on that particular product!

But take note:

Since the Boost function is free, Shopee will still prioritize Paid Ads. So expect that Paid Ad products will have higher rankings. 

Moreover, if your competitors are using both Paid Ads and boost functions, it’s more likely that your products may not be seen on the first few items at the top of search results.

Is there a Shopee autoboost? 

Unfortunately, no. In Shopee boost function,  to do the boosting manually. But there are third-party tools available that can auto boost your products like Split Dragon’s Shopee Autoboost Tool. 


Takeaway: Shopee product boosting helps you get more views on your products, but it’s limited. You can only boost up to 5 products every 4 hours. Also, you need to manually boost each product every 4 hours, so there’s a tendency that you will grow tired of monitoring, or forget to boost.

Automatically Boost Shopee Products Using Split Dragon

You are running a store that never sleeps. This requires multi-tasking, meeting customer’s expectations, monitoring competition and pricing —  all while being consistent.

Meaning, you have to do all these things every single day to please the algorithm.

That is why Split Dragon came up with automated tools for Shopee you can stop worrying about manually doing all these. You can just focus on growing your business.

One of the most sought after tools of Split Dragon is the Shopee Autoboost. Here’s what this tool can offer you:

Equal Attention to all your products

Split Dragon will regularly boost all your product listings for you. This means each of your listings will have extra visibility without your intervention. And extra visibility means extra traffic. 

Additional shop exposure – forever!

Split Dragon’s automated boosting requires a single click and that’s it. From there, your products are on continuous exposure, which means you are grabbing those views nonstop to your shop without having constant check-ins. 

Maximize all sales opportunities

 With your listing boosted 24 hours, the opportunity to sell is always present. This marketplace never sleeps, so take advantage of it!

Other effective ways to rank higher on Shopee without using paid ads

While Shopee is actively campaigning for sellers to use their paid ads, there are actually a number of clever approaches you can do to increase your product’s visibility and drive more traffic to your store, aside from Shopee Boosting Product. 

Improve product descriptions

One downside of online shopping is the lack of tangibility. That is why 81% of shoppers research their product online before purchasing.[*]

Treat your products’ features as your sales pitch. Highlight all the good things and let your buyers know why they need your product or why they should choose your product over others. 

Come up with Frequently Asked Questions about your product and include them on your description. This way, you are not only minimizing repetitive product inquiries You are also building their trust towards your product, thus expediting their decision to purchase. 

Use bullet points

Online shoppers (or just anybody nowadays) have short attention spans.

Bullet Points are easy to read and draw attention to important information. It improves the overall readability. 

Include the brand in the title

Trust is crucial when it comes to online shopping. Moreover, there are thousands of fake replicas that are sold at a cheaper price.

Brands give credibility and acquire customer trust. Trust leads to loyalty, and loyalty results in continuous sales. 

Image quality

Uploading professional product images in multiple perspectives shows authenticity and builds trust. Give your shoppers a better overview, not just to reduce inquiry but also encourage them to purchase. 

Optimize your listings using keywords

Ranking in a very crowded market takes more than just improved descriptions and beautiful photos. Yes, those can be major factors but when everybody is trying to stand out, you need to use all your resources to stay on top.

Shopee is also a search engine. And just like Google, you need to optimize your listings so that your products can land on the first page. 

Search engine optimization needs high-ranking keywords. You can use Split Dragon’s keyword research and find the right keywords to add to your title, bullet points, and descriptions.

Encourage customer reviews

Favorable online reviews are effective sales boosters and a trusted source of information about your product. It impacts 67% of buying decisions, making it . 

Shopee, or any other online marketplaces, prioritizes customer satisfaction, and they can see that in your reviews. Aim at least 4.5 rating and Shopee will grant you a good seller performance. Good seller performance translates to product recommendation. 

Increase outside traffic using social media

When everyone is optimizing their products inside Shopee, what else can you do to get an edge?

The answer: outside traffic.

Outside traffic are those website visits coming from outside of Shopee. This includes customer recommendations, social media, community campaigns and even offline marketing. 

Boost your social media presence and drive your target audience to your shop or to a specific product. 

Use automation

Automation allows you to be productive while you sleep. It saves a lot of time, provides convenience and most importantly, cost-effective. 

For example, Split Dragon’s AB testing tool automatically calculates and shows the winning variation of your product listing. Shopee Autoboost allows you to boost Shopee products automatically. With just a few clicks, you will have accurate data and algorithms in your hand that will help you make informed decisions and get better results. 

Know that your competitors are using all means and resources to stay ahead of the game. So you should too!

Achieving higher rank and landing on the first page in Shopee’s search result is a constant process. By improving your product listing using concrete data, plus applying tools to automate the process, you will see a significant increase of traffic, thus resulting in higher sales. 


Want to stay on top of the competition?

Split Dragon offers support with your e-commerce needs using conversion-Focused tools and data-driven solutions. Contact us today to see how we can help you with tailored strategies that will drive your company’s success! 

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