Lazada caters to not just the sales aspect of online businesses but also on the potential of sellers to build a lasting relationship with buyers. Prior to livestreaming, one of Lazada’s initial attempts to finalize Shoppertainment was during the incorporation of LazCity into the platform. 

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LazCity is the game portion of the website where buyers can play and earn coins in the process. The coins that customers earn can be redeemed for special items within the Lazada website and app. Customers can also use their coins to purchase vouchers. Lazada’s road towards shoppertainment does not stop there. This time around, Lazada plans to instill direct contact between sellers and customers through their new Lazlive feature.

Benefits Of Using The Lazlive Feature

The Lazada LiveStreaming feature lets you expand in terms of brand marketing, more specifically through the means of the following:

  • Directly promoting vouchers and highlight your featured products
  • Interacting with existing and prospective buyers
  • Increasing your store followers
  • Empowering your buyers to purchase your products real-time

We would like to put emphasis on the fourth bullet point that stated that you will be able to sell products in real-time. This is due to the fact that Lazada LiveStreaming is the only livestream feature so far that enables buyers to see or buy a product during the Livestream. 

Four S Of The Lazlive Shoppertainment 


Shopper Community

Lazada LiveStream creates a new community of sellers and buyers who are continually offering and bidding on products within the Lazada platform. 


The first step is to create content that your audience will enjoy. Find a place for your deals and trending products within your content. This enables you to increase customer engagement as well as entice them with new products. 


The live video enables you to interact with your audience in real-time. Pay attention to the comment section since here is where your viewers will show their replies and reaction to your content. 

This is a crucial aspect of Lazada LiveStreaming. Depending on how well you socialize or engage your viewers, you are able to increase brand awareness and authenticity. Due to the importance of the latter, Lazada also supports the hiring of influencers to serve as a host during livestreams. 


LazliveYour Lazada store differs from the store within the Lazada LiveStream. The store that is indicated here refers to the dynamic interface where you can load your best deals and vouchers. This feature lets customers claim free vouchers or purchase items on the spot. 

Run Your Lazlive Stream


Before signing up, you need to go to Growth Center which is located in your Lazada Seller account.

Hover your mouse on Growth Center and click Challengers  & Rewards. 


Under the Advance/Campaign Challenges, choose New Presenter Challenge. Simply join the challenge and then you can proceed to sign up and audition. 

Sign-Up And Audition


To sign-up, just go to your Lazada Seller account and hover your mouse to the Traffic portion in the sidebar. Click LazLive. 


You will be directed to a new page where you will be asked to connect your Lazada Customer account. Enter the phone number or email address that you used to create your Lazada account. Take note that you need to provide your buyer account and not your seller account. You can click Check to see if you entered the right profile. 


You will be directed to the instructions page when you click Next. 


Go to your Lazada app and navigate to the accounts section. You will see the LazLive icon almost immediately. Scroll further down and click on the black and white LazLive icon instead. The colored icon is for the LazLive feed whereas the black and white one is for your live trial. 


Click Try Now to proceed with the trial live video recording. You will be asked to enter the name of the video as well as the description and location. It is also time for you to upload your thumbnails and cover photos. This will be discussed with greater depth in the coming paragraphs. 

Make sure that your background is prepared before you start to go live. For your reference, the colored shopping bag icon is where you’ll the products and promotions that are currently shared with an audience. The plain shopping bag icon is where all your added products are listed. In your live trial, you can only add a maximum of three products. The third icon is where all your vouchers will appear. 

Just click Start if you are ready to begin your live trial. 

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By signing up, you agree to the Terms of service and Privacy Policy


After you submit your live video trial, the LazLive link will no longer be present on your menu anymore. It will take three to five days for Lazada to come to a decision with regard to your live audition. 

But once you are approved, the LazLive button will reappear and you can create your first foreshow link. 

What happens if you do not pass?

You will receive a notification regarding your audition result. The LazLive button will also reappear on your account so you can retry. 

Creating The Lazlive ForeShow Link

Once you pass your audition, Lazada will show a different screen when you tap on the LazLive button. 

Instead of the live trial, you will be directed to your LazLive Dashboard where you can choose to create a foreshow or start your live video. 

The Create A Foreshow button enables you to fill in the orientation setting of your video as well as the banners, video name, time to start, description, and related products. 

Once you create your foreshow, make sure to share the link to your social media pages a few days before the actual date. This will enable your buyers to set the time to be present during your Livestream. 

On the day of your Livestream, make sure to click Start Live 10 minutes before you start. 

Banner Guidelines

  • Social media post

The dimensions for this banner needs to be 1000x1000px or 1:1. In the Lazada app, this banner won’t be indicated as a social media post. Just know that when you see 1:1 in the foreshow creation page, this talks about the social media banner. 

  • LazadaLive banner

Similar to the social media banner, Lazada also does not indicate the name of the banner in the app. However, 16:9 refers to the LazadaLive banner. One can also translate 16:9 to 1280x720px.

  • Just For You cover

The Just For You or JFY cover should have dimensions of 518×810 px. This banner is optional but is most recommended since it can drive high traffic. 

All of the three banners need to have a maximum of 80 kb and should be saved either as JPEG or PNG. 

  • Top Banner

This is another banner that is optional but provides optimum visibility to livestreamers. When you avail of this opportunity, your banner will appear in the LazLive Channel within the Lazada app. 

The dimensions for the top banner needs to be 702x200px. This banner also needs to be saved in JPEG or PNG. The only difference is that it can only be a maximum of 50kb in terms of file size. 

For this one, you need to save the file using this format for the file name: Seller name_Top Banner_ Livestream Date

Additional Banner Guidelines

  • The text should be no more than 10 characters
  • Seller logo should be visible
  • Livestream schedule should be indicated
  • Clear pictures
  • No Lazada Live Logo

Tips For The Best Livestream Experience

Requirements For A Good LazLive Session

  • Stable internet connection

This is needed so you can have an uninterrupted Livestream. 

  • Smartphone

Select flagship phones with a high-quality camera to emphasize professionalism in your live sessions.

  • Tripod

Engaging your audience would be a lot easier if your hands are free. Apart from that, a tripod also ensures that your Livestream would not end up to be shaky. 

  • Host/KOL

A lot of sellers decide to be their own hosts during their live sessions. There is also an option, however, to hire a KOL or a key opinion leader. They are most commonly known as influencers. Later on, we are going to discuss the LazadaLive Service Marketplace where you can hire the services of credible influencers depending on the industry you are selling for. 

Social Media Sharing

The key here is awareness. Make it known to your subscribers and fans that you will be having a Livestream by sharing it on your social media pages. Share your foreshow link to give people access to your Livestream. 

Add Object Of Interest For Your Viewers

With livestreams, there is often a call-to-action (CTA) such as following one’s channel or choosing to buy a product. When a seller successfully convinces a buyer to buy or to subscribe to his channel, it is called a conversion. 

As for your Lazada Livestream, one way to successfully convert viewers into customers or new followers is to add objects of interest. The following are three things that should be present during your stream session:

  • New arrivals
  • Bestsellers
  • Product launch
  • Free vouchers

Having great content is imperative for a successful Livestream but always keep your CTA in mind. It’s a good idea to display your new arrivals, best sellers, or if there is any product that you are planning to launch. 

Vouchers are also essential to encourage people to buy your products. You can create your own voucher in Lazada Seller Center. Make sure to create your vouchers at least 24 hours before the time of your Livestream. 

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The presenter or host of the Livestream should be someone who is highly energetic and knows how to ad-lib during the session if there is a need to sustain the flow of the content. 

It is recommended that sellers set out a complete plan for their Livestream. However, there are some instances that prevent hosts from following the plan throughout. In that case, you will need a presenter or host who knows how to improvise on the spot to ensure that the Livestream is still on track. 

As mentioned initially in this post, many sellers do, in fact, opt to become their own host. However, it is still recommended to hire influencers since they are the ones who have expertise when it comes to promoting livestreams and winning the heart of a huge audience. 


To ensure a smooth flow, it is essential to create a script outline. Apart from that, a theme or concept should also be set in place. This ensures that every part of the content is in order and won’t result in a disarray of ideas. 

There should be icebreakers in your script. Icebreakers, in this sense, refers to a time frame dedicated to interaction with the viewers. You can do it through trivia, vouchers, giveaways, and prizes. 


There are two ways to use Lazada LiveStream. You can either do it through your mobile phone or your laptop. For now, Lazada recommends its sellers to initially use mobile phone streaming since laptop streaming is more advanced and requires technical skills. 

Let’s reiterate the things you need to do to ensure a successful Lazada Livestream:

Always interact with your viewers through contests and polls as this increases customer participation and engagement. This encourages dialogue within your Livestream and thus helps you expand your followers and build a community. Finally, boost your Livestream beforehand. This means you should promote your Livestream through social media a few days before the Lazada Livestream. The more people you reach, the higher your revenue will be. 

Lazada Service Marketplace

You will find Lazada Service Marketplace in the left corner of your Lazada Service Seller dashboard.

The following are the services related to Lazada livestreaming that you can avail in the marketplace:

  • Productions and influencers
  • Packages for banners
  • Studio rental
  • Scripts for Livestream

Take note that there are also other services that you can use that are non-Livestream related such as finance, customer service, taxes, and many more. 

How To Make Use Of A Lazada Service Marketplace

Various packages are available for different price ranges. Choose a package depending on your budget. Prior to adding to cart or clicking Buy Now, select Chat Now instead. 

This allows you to set expectations with the agency. You will be able to discuss your preferences, schedules, content, and such. There might also be some documents that you need to provide. Once you have come to an agreement, you can purchase the service. 

Take note that you need to coordinate with the service marketplace at least three to seven days before the stream if you are looking to hire an influencer. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Happens If You Are Disconnected From The Internet During The LiveStream?

The stream will only be on pause. Once you are connected to the internet again, you can resume the Livestream by clicking on the screen. Do not click the End button. Otherwise, you’d have to start a new Lazada Livestream. 

Can Lazada Help Sellers Create Banners?

Yes. There is a service marketplace where sellers can avail of multiple services involved in Lazada marketing including banners. 

What Specific Mobile Unit Is Recommended For The LiveStream?

Lazada recommends using Oppo F11 or any other mobile phone with similar specs. Using a low-spec camera phone can result in a pixelated view and thus customers will not be able to see the host or the products clearly. 

Will The Shooting Take Place At The Lazada Office If An Influencer Is Hired As A Host Through Lazada Service Marketplace?

The settings will depend on the seller. One can also choose the Lazada office as the setting for the shoot if need be. 

LazLive is an excellent tool for building a healthy relationship with your customers. It is a more direct approach at pushing brand awareness and marketing. 

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