Like other stores, Lazada uses a ranking system that ranks products based on their relevance to a search term that customers are using. Lazada has a product search rank system that works like Google and other search engines.

To improve the visibility of your product to your target audience, you need to ensure that the search terms they are putting in the search bar are the same terms for which you are optimizing within your product page.

The first step towards optimizing your products for the Product Search Rank is through Keyword Research.

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What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is a stage in search engine optimization where you find out the search terms that customers are using when they want to buy your product. For example, if someone wants to buy a wristwatch, what terms will he most likely type to the search bar?

Keyword Research uses proven techniques and platforms to determine the search terms that are best for your product to target in terms of search volume (how many times do people search for the term in a month) and relevance (how relevant is the term to your product)

5 things to consider

Here are six important considerations to keep in mind when performing Keyword Research.

1. Be General and Be Specific

Focus your Keyword research efforts on both general search engines like Google and Bing, and the specific search engine related to your product (in this case, Lazada).

Go to Split Dragon’s keyword research tool, type the first letters of your product (wri….) and the search engine will begin to suggest the most popular search terms that correspond to your product. In this example of typing in “wris”, you get keyword suggestions such as: “wristband”, “wristband watch”, “wrist watch”, etc. These will give you the “raw material” to work with initially.

Keyword suggesions on tool
Keyword suggesions on tool
Keyword suggesions on tool
Keyword suggesions on tool

2. Reverse-Engineer your competitors

Some of your competitors are already making it on the platform. You only need to copy what they are doing instead of reinventing the wheels.

Read their product description; look for the keywords they are optimizing for (they are repeated a few times in the description) and include those keywords as part of your “raw material.”

You can use Split Dragon’s Competitor tracking feature. There is a feature for store tracking and product tracking. You will receive email notifications each time significant changes are made at the end of your competitors. Split Dragon automates the data acquisition and then you get to do the analysis and see what you can do to also boost the efficacy of your keywords. 

3. Evaluate based on search volume and relevance

You need to choose keywords that are popular, relevant, and ideally with low competition. Search Volume is the way you know the popularity of a search term. You can check the popularity through Google keyword research tools or Lazada search bar suggestions.

However, high search volume will do you no good if the search term is not relevant to your product. You need to look for keywords with high search volume and high relevance to your product. For example, the keyword suggestions on Lazada on “wrist w” search term are “wrist watch”, “wrist wrap”, “wrist watch for men”, “wrist widget”, “wrist watch for women”, “wrist weight”. 

You should only take the keywords with high search volume and high relevance to your product, in this case they would be “wrist watch”, “wrist watch for women”, “wrist watch for women”.

Split Dragon’s keyword research tool will give you data on volume, relevance, and competiton.

Split Dragon's keyword research tool
Split Dragon’s keyword research tool

4. Prioritize Long Tail Keywords

After finalizing your keyword research, you should prioritize long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are keywords with more than three words. Short tail keywords are the opposite. Short tail keywords are often general search terms with very high competition. Long tail keywords can have very high search volume, but because they are more nuanced and particular, they have low competition.

While short term keywords are mostly used during the information gathering process while long tail keywords are used by people with the intention to buy. When using Wrist watch” as a short tail keyword, you get the results as below. Even though this is a high search volume keyword, this short tail keyword does not specify any unique features of your product.

Watches on Lazada Store
Watches on Lazada Store


Differently, when using a long tail keywords such as “wristwatch luxury for men“, you have the results as below. You can see many titles now have the long tail keyword “Top Luxury Brand Watch“. In order to be more effective in creating the title with powerful keywords, make sure to have a good long tail keywords together to reduce the competition in the search results.

Men's Watch on Lazada store
Men’s Watch on Lazada store

A keyword can be good for the American market but not the best in an Asian market. There are some dynamics that come to play. During your keyword research efforts, ensure you focus on the demographics of your target audience.

For example, you can see that the red highlighted titles are the ones that have “men” keywords. So make sure to include the most important features of the products as phrases of keywords in your titles, such “wristwatches for men”; “wristwatches for women” to target the right market of your products.

men's watch on Lazada Store
men’s watch on Lazada Store

5. Be ready for the results

Successful keyword research will yield a higher rank for your product on Lazada. Be ready for the boon. Ensure you have competitive prices, excellent images and great offers for the impressions to convert into sales. Also, make sure you have enough products in your store to meet the potential upsurge in demand.

Effective keyword research offers many possibilities for your business. It is an essential step to increase your revenue and sales. Make it a priority to target the right keywords!


Want to stay on top of the competition?

Split Dragon offers support with your e-commerce needs using conversion-Focused tools and data-driven solutions. Contact us today to see how we can help you with tailored strategies that will drive your company’s success! 

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