Strategic Product Relaunch 5 Easy Steps

Many Lazada sellers find their products with little or no sales after the first few months of launching their products. Whether it be because of bad product content, failure to drive traffic/visibility within the first few weeks of a product launch, or even bad pricing, lack of traction during  an initial product launch may make or break the product’s success.

When this happens, one effective strategy sellers can do is to relaunch their product in a bigger and better way.

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Why Relaunch a Product on Lazada?

Before you relaunch your product, think about where or not the initial launch has already resulted in sales and/or traction to your website, if you see that you have no product reviews, sales, or positive buyer questions on your listing, it would make sense to simply deactivate your SKU and create it again doing it the right way.

Then you can eliminate all the legacy issues (no sales history) associated with your SKU that is negatively impacting it’s position in Lazada search results (because, after all, Lazada doesn’t want products that don’t sell appearing in search results).

How to Relaunch a product on Lazada?

1. How to Relaunch a product on Lazada?

For ease of understanding, I’ve broken this into 6 steps.

2. Review competition.

Before you launch your new Lazada product you should do a quick search for your products primary keyword and see what your competitors are selling, how you are differentiated, how your pricing compares to theirs.

Don’t always feel the need to be priced lowest. Customers are willing to pay a bit more if they know they will get a positive transaction. Do not create a race to the bottom for pricing! Instead, try to beat your competitors with a quality listing (good reviews, good Q&A, good product listing content).

I know many sellers that are selling nearly identical products at 25% higher sales price simply because they have a more trustworthy product listing.

3. Recreate SKU in Seller Center.

After you’ve done your competitor research, you should go ahead and create a new SKU in Lazada seller center. Please make sure that you create a completely new SKU and don’t multisource your product listing against an existing SKU.

4. Populate Product Content The Right Way.

After you’ve created your new Lazada SKU, you need to create good product listing. You need to research what are your most valuable keywords and then add them to your product listing.

I’ve written a blog post about how best to create a Lazada product listing here so won’t go into too many details here. I encourage you to read that post. The most critical elements of your product listing are:

  • Product Image
  • Product Price
  • Product Title
  • Product Bullet Points
  • Product Description

After you’ve done this, then you should sell a few products at discount to friends/family and ask them to leave a 5-star review on your product. Do this right after you create your SKU to get a boost from Lazada search rank algorithm.

5. Track Product Search Rank.

After you’ve created your listing, you should log into SplitDragon and start tracking your search rank for this product for all your most important keywords. Then you will be able to see how your changes impact your results.

Split Dragon automatically generates and stores your search rank each day. If you’re too busy to log-in and check, you can setup automatic email alerts each week to see how you have improved (or fallen backward).

6. Drive Traffic at Launch.

Creating a successful Lazada product is not as simple as “creating and forgetting”. You need to drive traffic at first in order to convince Lazada’s search algorithm that you are a valuable product.

To do this, I suggest pricing a bit lower than normal at time of product launch to increase likelihood of orders. I suggest you to contact your friends/family and ask them to place orders at time of launch to help give you a boost and 5-star reviews.

You should sign-up for any Lazada promotions events and seller picks if you’re eligible. If you have the budget, I’d also encourage you to run a facebook ad that drives traffic to your Lazada product detail page. This will increase page views which will make Lazada system think your product is quite popular.

7. Measure and Improve.

After you’ve relaunched your product, it’s time to measure and improve. Now you should set a cadence every week to do some sort of check on this product. You can ask yourself questions like:


  1. What are my competitors doing?
  2. Should I run a product title AB test?
  3. Is my pricing reasonable? Are my bullet points optimized?
  4. What are the keywords that I should be ranking for in search results and how am I ranking?


Winning at Lazada selling is not a set-it-and-forget-it type of business. You need to actively manage your listing visibility and search rank. Competitors are changing all the time and new sellers are changing all the time.

Resetting your mind and product metadata history can help improve your visibility. It can also help to simply throw away your previous product content and start over by building for the best.


Want to stay on top of the competition?

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