If you’re a new seller on Lazada, navigating through all the fine print and guidelines that Lazada has set for their sellers may be time consuming – and, without knowing it, may cause a few common selling mistakes that although may not affect your overall sales, ranks you lower as a Lazada Seller

To prevent this, we’ve compiled some of the most common and easily avoidable mistakes new sellers make when creating their seller account and beginning their seller journey!

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Above all this, what you should keep in mind is that most of Lazada’s rules are in place for one single objective – to improve customer experience.

Common Lazada Selling Mistakes

1. Not Following The Lazada Seller Guidelines

Lazada has strict seller guidelines. They were written and designed to protect Lazada buyers and sellers.

Without seller guidelines and strict enforcement, the marketplace would not be manageable.

Many sellers will start without reading the seller guidelines and then experience some penalty or shut down of their account.

Don’t make the same mistake – start your Lazada selling journey by reading the rules from Lazada about what is permissible and not permissible.

2. Directing Lazada Shoppers To Your Website

The traffic and sales on Lazada’s website are meant to stay on Lazada’s website. Lazada is very clear about this in their written policies.

Some sellers will think it’s a good idea to direct a customer to buy from their own website.

Lazada systems are quite smart and can easily detect buyer doing this.

Do not tell Lazada customers to shop on your website or you will eventually have your seller account shut down.

3. Not Doing Product/Competitor Research

Many new sellers will create a selling account and then create all their product listings. They will then assume that their job is done and sales will start arriving.

Sellers should actually start by looking at successful selling products that are similar to their products.

By looking at competitor products, they can learn what to include in their listings.

Some questions you can expect to ask would be:

  • What is making this competitor’s product sell well?
  • Do they have a good product image and does mine compare well?
  • What keywords do they appear to be using in their title and bullet points?
  • How do they describe the product so that customers know what they are getting and will not make a return?

After asking these questions, you should do your best to create a product listing that is better than your competitor.


4. Not Spending Enough Time on Your Product Listings

Many sellers will simply create their product listings as quickly as possible so that the “task is done”. This is the best way to create a bad business and waste your time.

The product listings are the heart of any Lazada business and sellers should do their best to make sure that they are optimized well. You should complete >80% of attributes, add maximum characters in your bullet points and title, add keywords to your titles, ensure you have a sales price, etc.

Also, sellers should spend time every single week testing and continuously improving their listings based on feedback from customers and running Lazada product listing AB tests.

See our article here for Lazada product listing best practices.

5. Not Tracking Product Search Ranking

One of the most common selling mistakes is that sellers will just create their products and not pay attention to product visibility.

This is bad practice and will result in lost sales opportunity.

For the best results, sellers should actively track their search rank for most popular search terms of their products. Sellers should always be trying to improve their search rank into the top-3 results.

To automate lazada search rank tracking, sellers can sign up for a subscription at Split Dragon.

6. Not Managing Your Stock Well

It can be challenging to predict your inventory needs when you start selling because it’s very difficult to forecast what demand will look like.

This causes many sellers to sell out and their products to become inactive once inventory hits zero in Lazada seller center.

Once inventory reaches zero, your listing is taken offline and this negatively impacts your search rank.

Since a big determinant of Lazada search rank is sales last 7 days, that product will have lost all of the search boost that had previously been created via it’s sales.

7. Shipping Your Orders Late

Ship your orders on time! Sometimes when seller start, they think that they have freedom to ship late occasionally. This is just plain lazy and Lazada will certainly penalize any seller that ships their orders late.

Don’t start your seller account with bad seller rating caused by shipping late.

Adhere to the SLAs that Lazada sets and you will improve your sales.

8. Not Replying to Customer Chat Messages

Anytime a customer messages you, you should look at it as an opportunity to get a sale.

Most sellers unfortunately are not paying active attention to their buyer/seller chat messaging and this results in lost sales.

9. Not Answering Buyer Questions

Buyer questions appear in the product detail page and help customers understand details about the product that cannot easily be found in the product listing.

If you are a seller that is ignoring these questions, it will appear to buyers that you are a seller unwilling to provide basic customer service.

That is scary thought to a prospective buyer and will likely prevent him/her from buying your products.

See our article here for Lazada buyer questions best practices.

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10. Not Participating in Seller Picks

Seller picks is a great promotional tool for Lazada sellers. Some sellers simply ignore this feature and it will certainly impact their sales over time.

New sellers should take advantage of any/all promotional opportunities they can find.

11. Ignoring Big Campaigns & Promotions

11/11, 12/12, Chinese New year campaign, and Lazada birthday campaign are all MASSIVE sales opportunities. Some sellers do not realize this and fail to submit their SKUs via the promotion tool in Lazada seller center.

If you do not submit your SKUs, you should expect that your competitors will and they will get your sales. 🙂

12. Not Actively Managing Product Reviews

Most beginner sellers are not proactive with their product reviews. They will receive a negative review and complain internally but not do anything about it.

The best sellers will contact buyers to see if they can remove the review. They will contact buyers to find out what is the exact cause of the review. They will raise invalid or unreasonable reviews to PSC to try to have them removed.

Product reviews are the core of your product listing and must be protected.

See our article here for seller best practices managing product reviews.

13. Getting Angry with Customers

It can be very difficult working with some customers – I understand this. There have been times when I find it absolutely impossible to make a customer happy.

But getting angry with a customer and giving any evidence of that frustration on your profile or product listing is certain to result in more harm than benefit.

You do not want to appear as grumpy or angry seller in your product listing.

Try always to remain professional and polite. It may not help you with this one difficult customer but it will help you acquire future customers more easily.

14. Assuming Buyers Read Everything In Your Listing

Buyers do not read everything in your listing so you are going to get some frustrating returns. The product description in your product listing contains a lot of text. Most of the time, buyers are just skimming the details.

To help counteract this, I encourage you to include any critical information in a product image or in big bold characters in the product bullet points or product description.

There is not much more annoying in Lazada selling than getting a return because a customer didn’t read what you had written in your product listing. Try hard to prevent that by calling strong attention to the most important information of your product.

15. Complaining about problems and not raising them to support

Many sellers will vent and complain about bugs and customer issues amongst their friends, family, and facebook groups.

This provides no benefit and is just a waste of time/energy.

Raise any negative issues or experiences you have to Lazada support and they will try to help. Yes, there are certainly inefficiencies and challenges working with PSC but they will certainly try their best to help you.

Even if the issue is very slow in being fixed by Lazada, it’s better than it never being fixed at all.

If you’re already selling on Lazada, you may be making some of these common selling mistakes. Now, while not all of these mistakes will result in your account being suspended, all will certainly impact your sales and profits. By knowing the most common mistakes you can make, you’ll be avoid these mistakes and successfully sell your products on Lazada without any problems! 

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