Quick Fixes for Success Correcting Common Launch Mistakes on Lazada

Lets’s Talk about Common launch mistakes. Listing your products on your chosen platform is the first step you take as an online seller – this shows the world that you have readily available product or service offerings that they can avail from.

Now, it is only natural that during the first time you launch your products you may hit a few snags. If the platform you are listing your products on is Lazada, then we’ve got you covered!


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A successful product launch on Lazada will make you overwhelmed with multiple orders in no time. However, it requires a lot of hard work. Your dream of making good sales on Lazada can be hampered by little mistakes during product launches.

So, how do we prevent common mistakes that a Lazada seller may make?

(1) Poor product listing optimization

Your product launching efforts as a seller can be washed down the drain if you do not pay attention to this factor.

Some of the elements you need to pay attention to include your title, price, description, pictures and keywords.

For instance, a product image of relatively lower quality and smaller image size likely won’t drive as much traffic as a competitor’s product of a finer quality image (if you hold price and all other attributes costant).

To optimize your product listing, you can hire a professional photographer and a copywriter to give your listing a Midas touch.

(2) Overuse of ranking keywords

Many sellers stuff keywords in their product titles and description. Instead, inject high ranking keywords that are also relevant in your product title and description. Avoid keyword stuffing. Keep it short and simple (by focusing on the most valuable keywords). This will make your products rank well in search results.

(3) Wrong placement of keywords

Keywords play a vital role in making your products visible to buyers while it gets you ranked on Lazada’s first page. It starts with a thorough search for a top-selling keyword, placing this primary keyword in a place where it will not be found renders the entirety of the search useless.

For a successful product promotion, you should ensure that your keywords are placed in strategic places where ready buyers can easily locate it. You can achieve this by featuring your primary keywords in your title, bullet points, and long descriptions. Also, combine your keywords strategically to form clear and meaningful sentences.

(4) Wrong product launch duration

The launch duration plays a vital role in your listing on Lazada. Sellers often make the mistakes of abruptly cutting short their product launch time to 3 to 4 days. On the other hand, it is not advisable to have a product launch duration of 10 days or more, by doing this you would be selling unnecessary quantities of inventory out at low prices.

Therefore, we suggest an optimum product launch duration of 7 days is enough to make Lazada’s algorithm document a genuine sales history.

(5) Restricting coupon distribution to only one channel

Limiting yourself to a single channel in distributing your giveaway coupons can slow down awareness to your potential buyers. You are required to reach out to as many potential buyers as you can for a fruitful product launching. More buyers can be reached over a decentralized network system. Advertise your coupons to your prospective buyers using media such as email marketing newsletters, websites, sponsored blog posts, and social media.

(6) Malfunctioning of vouchers/coupons

Inactive vouchers/coupons is a major turn-off for customers. Inactive coupons after product launch  do not appeal to buyers  and make them leave never to return again. The hard work you have put into assembling your customers will go unnoticed. To satisfy your buyers, test some coupons before the product launching goes live. This is to ensure that the coupons are active.

(7) Improper discount prices

To ensure a successful product launching, choose a discount price that is neither too high nor too low. A high giveaway price will have a little result on your ranking. With a reasonable discount price, you are on a solo ride to Lazada’s first page. Include both the original price and the discount price to attract your potential buyers into buying your products.

(8) Use of incorrect URL

When inviting prospective buyers to buy your products, just directing them to your product listing will not promote your products for your ultimate keywords. Sales made in this manner will not feature your products at the top.

You can get behind this by generating an appropriate URL that will take your customers to your product listing through Lazada’s keyword search, documenting the sales quantity that your product gets.

(9) Not preserving your rank after product launch has ended

After achieving your dream of being placed on the first page of Southeast Asia’s most popular e-commerce site, the ability to maintain the first page will increase your visibility and your quantity of sales.

will increase your visibility and your quantity of sales.

Every seller on Lazada strives to attain the top of their respective niches. Being lax on your product listing can make other assiduous competitors overtake you and take your place. Constantly review your product listing to ensure that your place is secured on the first page amidst competition from other sellers even after the product launch has ended.

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