Understanding the Basics How Your Lazada Conversion Rate Works”

Knowing how you’re doing is the first step to ensuring the success of any business. This mindset allows you to make the necessary changes as you continue on with your business journey to make sure you stay ahead of the market. So how do you do this as a Lazada Seller? Simple: through your conversion rate.

As a seller, your product conversion rate in Lazada is a critical determinant of your success selling online. At the end of the day, conversions are sales and we’re all in this business to make sales.

Where do I find my conversion rate?

You can find your conversion rate in business advisor of Lazada Seller Center. See below:

lazada business advisor conversion rate


It’s critical for you to monitor this at a product level so that you can:

  • Understand if your conversion rate is going up
  • Understand if your conversion rate is going down
  • Understand what is causing your conversion rate changes

A good conversion rate, holding all things else constant, is a fantastic determinant of business success so it is one of the most important metrics you can set and monitor for each of your SKUs.

Conversion Rate Issues To Watch Out For

There are inevitable setbacks that you need to take note of when you are a seller on Lazada and any other platform. These are setbacks that come due to the Lazada system and advertising itself but others that be controlled or prevented.

Your rank on the site may influence how much limelight your product achieves on the search results, and this will also affect the number of sessions that you land on. Your competitor behavior may also have an impact on your conversion rate.

A common issue that results in a bad conversion rate although you have a well optimized listing is bad traffic. Bad traffic can come from inefficient advertising which drives people that are not interested in buying your product to your store or product detail page.

In general, the following will have the biggest impact on your conversion rate:

  1. Good product images in your SKUs
  2. Good product titles in your SKUs
  3. Good product bullet points and descriptions in your SKUs
  4. Not driving bad traffic to your PDP (primarily from off-site advertising)
  5. Not replying to customer chat questions in timely manner

Tips to Improve Your Conversion Rate

There are several ways you can improve your Lazada conversion rate. In fact, we built Split Dragon specifically to help sellers improve their conversion rate. The following are our biggest tips for Lazada sellers:

Remember, the simple way to think about steps for growing your Lazada business is

1) get more page views

2) convert those page views into sales

By using Lazada’s conversion rate as a tool for you to gauge your business’ health and make adjustments if needed, you’ll be able to build a brand that consumers will naturally gravitate to. 


Want to stay on top of the competition?

Split Dragon offers support with your e-commerce needs using conversion-Focused tools and data-driven solutions. Contact us today to see how we can help you with tailored strategies that will drive your company’s success! 

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