One of the best ways to capitalize on important holidays and events is for sellers to sell seasonal Lazada products – this can range from christmas decorations, valentines trinkets among other things. However, while it is a smart idea to capitalize on holidays, what happens when you’re a seasonal product seller and your products are not in season?


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First of all, why are seasonal products a hit?

This type of sale is driven by buyers’ need to enjoy special moments at certain period of the year, especially with their loved ones. It’s also driven by the massive amount of money that Lazada plows into these promotions!

From celebrating Lazada’s birthday to having a fun-filled Christmas and Valentine, people tend to spend money on things that will make their holiday fun and make holidays fun for their families and friends.

If you do not have experience selling seasonal goods online, you may find it scary to get started. But all that can be resolved with just a bit of preparation and research.

Before getting started, some of the questions you need to ask yourself are –

1) ARE seasonal goods the best option for me?

2) What kind of goods can I sell in different seasons of the year?

3) Can I make the most sales (ie – beat my competition) on Lazada?

4) If yes, How can I attract willing buyers to my seasonal products on Lazada?


This article will provide you everything you need to know about seasonal sales on Lazada. Let’s get started.

Getting started: What are Seasonal products?

Seasonal products are goods that meet the exact needs of people at a particular time of the year. They often get sold out due to popular demands. For sellers, these times of the year create a lot of opportunities for them to generate sales and make more profit. However, these demands can be influenced by the local weather conditions and socio-cultural factors.

Being a fast rising marketplace in Southeast Asia, Lazada offers a lot of opportunities for old and new sellers alike. One great advantage is that Lazada’s global customer base enables you to effectively market your products to a lot of buyers from different countries with different peak periods.

Weather dependent products

Weather is a major factor that determines the demand and use of some products. That is, people’s choice of goods in a particular season is often affected by the kind of satisfaction they get from such products.

The “Dry Season” Products

This season is accompanied by hot and sunny weather all season long. It is the period between December and April of every year. People buy more products that give them comfort. You may consider products such as kids’ play-wears, women’s light dresses, sunglasses, sun hats etc. to satisfy your buyers’ fashion needs.

The “Wet season” products

The wet season is the period between May and November of every year; the period when rain falls. Demand for products that are essential in the rainy season goes up. Buyers are willing to buy products such as umbrellas, ladies shower caps, raincoats, rain boots, gardening tools etc. Other products people also buy in this period include sweaters, head warmers and stockings to keep themselves warm.

Other seasonal products

Other seasonal goods are driven by the socio-cultural and religious background of the people. Special events in Southeastern Asia include Valentine’s Day, Vesak Day Celebration, Eid-il-Fitri, Songkran and The Laos Rocket Festivals, Christmas etc.

Valentine’s Day products

The world’s lovers day comes up on the fourteenth day of February, every year. At this period, people often send gift items to their loved ones. In preparation for this day, you may consider listing such products as bunches of rose flower, love chocolate boxes, matching couples necklaces in your product list etc.

Vesak Day Celebration

In celebration of the great Vesak day, products such as paper lanterns, Vesak cards, and beautiful flowers often get sold out during this season.

Songkran and The Laos Rocket festivals

During Songkran and the rocket festivals, there is high demand for toys. You too can consider selling water guns, rockets and launchers during this festive period.

How do you Strategically Sell Your Seasonal Products on Lazada?

As mentioned in our previous post, SEO research is fundamental to selling any product and ranking high on Lazada platform regardless of whether it’s season or non-seasonal. On top of SEO, here are a few more tips:

Research research research

Do a review of the products that are ranking best for popular search terms during peak holiday periods and assess whether you can create and sell a similar product at that price point.

Start advertising the product for sale as early as possible

Prepare yourself for the big sale this forthcoming season by starting to advertise your products now. These ads can be done via social media, email marketing, sponsored blog posts and so on.

Start selling ahead of the high periods

This is an important technique that many retailers have mastered. To be part of the seasonal gainers, ensure that your product is already listed on Lazada earlier – weeks before the peak periods.

Offer discounts on the products during off season

In preparing for the next boom, offer discounts to your customers during the downtime. This will make Lazada’s algorithm rank you on the first pages. Hence, your visibility to buyers during the peak periods increases.

By knowing how to attract attention to your products during the season and being smart with your marketing efforts and promotional campaigns during off season, you’ll be able to retain a significant amount of traction allowing you to remain operational and profitable during off season. 


Want to stay on top of the competition?

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