For most sellers, the best way to be able to handle the volume of sales in an efficient manner is to schedule a pick-up instead of dropping off their items to their respective courier branches. This allows them to handle the entirety of their logistics in just one location and avoid any logistical concerns such as mismanagement from their end.

Now, while it is a convenient option, the fact that you add another factor to the equation of your service delivery process becomes a challenge. 

For some, there is a drawback: Seasons wherein pick-ups are usually high in demand and most couriers don’t have a lot of staff to support it.

That being said, it is common to experience delays in the pick-up. If your warehouse isn’t anywhere near the Metro, your items are at risk of being canceled by the buyer or be automatically canceled by the Shopee system because couriers only have a maximum of three days to pick up an item.


Tips On How To Manage Courier Pick-Ups

If you decide to use item pick-up as your shipping method, it would be best to have your options laid out in advance so that you can avoid canceled orders. Here are some of our pointers on courier pickup management.


Only Enable Shipping Couriers With Nearby Branches From Your Warehouse

What To Do If Your Courier Keeps On Missing Your Pick Up Schedule (For Shopee)

The trouble with far courier branches is that the pickup team will have to intentionally drive to your location to pick up your item. 

If the pick-up team happens to have a handful of pickup orders from their location, they may not be able to make it to your place in time to pick up your order. Therefore, the pick-up will have to be rescheduled. If the situation keeps on repeating for the next couple of days, your product will be automatically canceled. 

Hence, the best approach would be to choose a shipping courier that has a nearby branch. By doing so, the pick-up team will be able to accommodate your pick-up request. And if the team doesn’t show up, you can easily contact the branch since it is just nearby. 


Schedule The Pick-Up Upon Receiving The Order Notification From Shopee

A common mistake beginners make is to wait until the last moment to schedule a pick-up. The three-day allowance is there to give courier sufficient to sift through all of the pick-up orders that they receive per day. 

So, if you choose to schedule your order on the second or third day after receiving an order notification, there’s a big chance that the courier won’t make it to your house and the order will be automatically canceled. 

It will then be a challenge to convince the customer to reorder the item again since buyers are usually time-sensitive with their orders. 

We encourage you to schedule the pick-up the same day that you receive the order notification. You should also download and install the Shopee mobile app so that you will be notified every time someone orders your items without having to open your computer. 


Constantly Review The Status Of The Pick-Up (On The Shopee App) From Day To Day

After scheduling a pick-up date, you need confirmation from the courier’s end. While the status doesn’t show if the courier has confirmed pick up, you will be able to tell by the scheduled date. 

If you still have the option to change the pick-up date it means that the courier hasn’t confirmed yet. If not, it means that the courier has already honored your request and will be dropping by your place to pick-up your item.   


Communicate With CS (Customer Service) On The Day Of Pick-Up

If your courier already has a history of multiple failed pick-up (whether from your experience or other sellers), make sure to communicate with CS on the day of pick-up.

Just tell them of your concern about the pick-up of your item. The CS will then send the message to the courier and your item will be marked as a priority. 


Talk With CS Again Upon Pick-Up Date Failure

If the courier fails to pick-up your order on the promised date, you should talk with CS again for personal records. 

This is the type of concern that needs to be escalated to upper Shopee so they can resolve the issue on failed pick-ups accordingly (since failed pick-ups are already a common issue in the platform).

As the CS escalates the failed pick-up, the courier will receive a memo and will be given instructions to prioritize the pick-up of your item until the last day of pick-up. 


Reschedule The Pick-Up For The Second Time

When the courier fails to arrive for the pick-up, you need to reschedule so that the courier can go to your address for the second attempt. 

Make sure to reschedule the pick-up as soon as you receive the failed pick-up notification since there is usually a queue for these things.


Consider Dropping Off The Item Upon Second Pick-Up Failure

Just one of the best things about choosing a courier that’s nearby is that if you find yourself having to leave the house, you can simply go by the branch and drop off your item if the courier is still unable to pick-up your item. 


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