Improving your Shopee sales becomes more feasible despite its remote nature if you constantly apply the Shopee sales funnel into your approach. Read on to learn about the sales funnel in greater detail. 

What Is The Shopee Sales Funnel?

The Shopee Sales Funnel might be an abstract concept but knowing it is the key to actually converting visitors into actual customers. 

Unless you are able to guide your prospect into this sales funnel, you won’t be selling any product. The Shopee Sales Funnel pertains to ordered stages that a customer journeys to when using the Shopee website or app. It’s a straight path that leads to a solid item. 

How Can The Shopee Sales Funnel Help Me As A Seller?

At this rate, we will be using our earlier metaphor about the Shopee Sales Funnel. Let the Shopee Sales Funnel be a straight path. 

Meanwhile, all the actions you perform on your products and store (as a whole) are arrow signs or directions. Each action that you make guides the customer whether or not to go straight down the path or two make a left or right. 

By knowing the Shopee Sales Funnel and how it works, you’ll get an outward perspective into how your campaigns and other tactics are influencing your customers. 

Maybe you were running a campaign that you thought are doing your store a favor (but is actually hurting your revenue). By understanding this funnel, you can identify which tactics are leading customers down the funnel and which ones are leading them astray. 

The 4 Stages Of The Shopee Sales Funnel

Shopee sales funnel

The Shopee Sales Funnel consists of four stages namely awareness, engagement, conversion, and retention. We will discuss them in detail below. 

1. Awareness

The awareness stage is simply you introducing your brand or product to prospective buyers. As a buy and sell website, Shopee has set aside platform features at your disposal to use to help you get people’s attention. 

  • Search

In the most basic sense, the search tool functions as an aid for customers. It’s there to help them locate products much easier instead of having to browse the entire catalog.

But as a seller, you can also manipulate this tool to show your PDPs on the first page of SERPs. How do you do that? Through proper keyword research and placement. 

  • Daily Discover

Us Shopee sellers know Daily Discover better as Product Boost. It’s a free feature on the Shopee platform that lets sellers push a maximum of four products for the Daily Discover Campaign. The boosting of these products lasts for approximately four hours. After the duration has passed, you can go back to the product boosting page and boost them again. You can select the same products as often as you like. 
Shopee sales funnel

Daily Discover appears at the homepage which is perfect because this is the part of the site that gets the most traffic. 

  • Top Picks

Top Picks is a seller feature that enables you to select four up to eight items that you want to promote for cross-sales. This means that when a customer clicks on one of your PDPs, they’ll see these selected products under Top Picks. 

The feature is free and is best used for newly released products that you want to introduce to your audience or if there’s an item that you plan to hype up through a campaign. 

  • Shopee Keyword Ads

This is an in-program ads campaign service hosted by Shopee. These ads will put your products at the top of the product SERPs so that you become visible to relevant buyers. You can basically bid for keywords that speak of the product that you are selling. And each time people search this specific keyword, your product will appear on top of the SERPs. 

That way, you’ll be able to drive traffic to your PDPs even before your organic SEO efforts start to pay off. 

  • Social Media Branding

Social media branding pertains to the paid and organic posts about your brand in various social media channels as a way to drive awareness to your Shopee store. 

Some examples of social media branding are Facebook page groups, pages, and Facebook ads meant to link prospects to your PDPs. 

  • Google Ads

There is a new mechanism wherein Google and Shopee entered into a collaboration to make the campaign experience more efficient for sellers. Through the team-up of Google’s user intent and Shopee’s buyer data, you’ll be able to run campaigns that further expands to a wider reach with an increased conversion rate. 

If you want a full overview of this, go and check out our post on Driving Online Sales With Google Ads With Shopee.

  • Collaborative Ads

Collaborative ads are a way for you to run a direct sales campaign intended to let you prospect new buyers into your Shopee store from popular social media channels like Facebook.

With that, you will be actively seeking out customers beyond the Shopee network instead of only targeting people who come to Shopee to buy online.  

  • Shop Design

Your shop design serves as the forefront of your brand. Shopee gives you the option to redecorate your store through the Shopee Decoration feature. 

This feature lets you select which products you want to highlight in the base of your Shopee business profile. Therefore, you are able to bring awareness to your selected products based on your current priorities. 

The Shopee Decoration feature also lets you customize your store to become more professional-looking. Hence, giving awareness that you are an official brand or reseller. 

2. Engagement

  • Shopee Live

The Shopee Live experience is the closest thing customers can get to actually negotiating for a product in their favorite stores. With that, hosting a Shopee Live frequently with the intent of live selling and giving away prizes immensely increases conversion. 

  • Platform Campaigns

A natural customer behavior would be to monitor Shopee-initiated campaigns like 9.9, 11.11, 12.12. Therefore, as you become part of some of these campaigns, the more prospects find your store or brand interesting. 

  • Seller Promotions

Seller promotions such as free shipping, discounts, vouchers, and Flexi Combos can improve engagement and customer activity. This is because the more customers feel that they are saving money by buying from you than any other Shopee store, the more they find the shopping experience fun. 

  • Follow Prize

This is a feature that you can use in the Marketing Center to give away vouchers to use for following your store. This provides customers the motivation to follow you and inevitably use the obtained voucher to purchase their first buy in your shop. 

  • Shopee Targeting Ads

Shopee targeting ads basically includes your products in the Products You May Like section of the PDP of an item related to your product. 

Hence, targeting ads provide engagement to customers by suggesting other products that are similar to their current interest. 

3. Conversion

  • Free shipping

Free Shipping is a promotion that instigates demand for checkouts in Shopee. Customers will be encouraged to add to cart more items from your store because the zero shipping fee charge will enable them to save more money from the purchase. 

  • Vouchers

People are naturally pricing sensitive. With that, when you give away vouchers, even someone with no previous intent to make a purchase now has a motivation to add to the cart and buy an item. 

  • Shopping Cart

The shopping cart is a tool that aids the Shopee system in the checkout process. But more importantly, it frequently reminds customers of previous items they had an interest in. 

For instance, a buyer adds one of your products to their cart. Let’s say he received a call from a coworker and forgot that he was going to buy your item. A few days later, he comes back to his cart seeing his previous item of interest. Therefore, the conversion/sales pushed through after all. 

  • Reviews

Since prospects are unable to review the item in person, there is sometimes a sense of doubt prior to the purchase of the item. 

Before making a final decision, customers usually turn to reviews to decide if the product is worth buying. 

Encouraging customers to leave a review on your products has a positive impact on your PDP in terms of conversion rate. 

  • Daily Discover 

Shopee has a feature that lets sellers boost a maximum of five products for four hours free of charge. 

These boosted products will appear under the Daily Discover section which can be found both at the homepage as well as product detail pages. 

The Daily Discover section provides more product interaction opportunities ( it is based on customers’ previous user behavior). Hence, they become more engaged. 

4. Retention

  • Collaborative Ads

Your retention rate is a much stronger determinant of sales compared to prospecting one-time buyers. Collaborative ads can be used for product remarketing and therefore increase your retention rate.

  • Shopee Cashback Program

Cashbacks are compensated through the form of Shopee coins which buyers can use to apply discounts to products they will be purchasing in the future. 

Due to the continuous benefit, applying in a Shopee cashback program will give buyers motivation to become a loyal customer. 

  • Chat

By incorporating a reliable and responsive customer chat service, you will be able to earn the trust and sentiment hence turning a one-time customer into a returning buyer. 

  • Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs come in the form of vouchers, freebies, or special discounts that you can offer to loyal customers. 

Shopee gives you access to all users who ordered from your store. Therefore, you can see their behavior history. You will see how many orders they’ve completed including the ones that they canceled. 

  • Package Inserts

Package inserts pertain to simple gestures such as a thank you message sent to the customer along with the package. It can also be a note telling the customer to follow you on social media. 

As far as retention rates go, you can use package inserts to motivate first-time buyers to make a second buy through giving them a promo code for their next purchase. 

How Do People Interact With Your Sales Funnel?

People interact with the sales funnel the moment they click on your PDP. Your store needs to be designed to lure people further into the sales funnel so that users can be converted into actual customers. 

Optimizing Your Sales Funnel Using Split Dragon

Here’s a breakdown of how Split Dragon can be helpful in optimizing your store for the Shopee sales funnel:


For the purposes of driving attention to your store/products, you can use our keyword suggestion tool to generate keywords being used specifically in the Shopee algorithm. 

When you use the traditional means of keyword research, you are targeting a vague audience since a large number of people use Google (not all are Shopee users).

Conversion & Retention

Split Dragon’s AB Testing, Competitor Tracking, Product Analyzer, and Market Research are useful in helping you convert visitors into customers. 

The AB Testing feature lets you assess which product listing method is most effective in driving sales. Meanwhile, competitor tracking gives you a heads up on the activities of your competitors. That way, you will be able to counteract any action that can potentially lead you to lose your position in your line of products. 

Market Research and Product Analyzer are additional tools that will aid you in rating or assessing the potential of your store for increased sales. 

Did you recognize these funnel stages in your selling? Tell us in the comment section. 

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