Due to the business evolution of online stores, it’s common for marketplaces to offer fulfillment services in aid of sellers’ needs. While we have FBL (Fulfillment by Lazada) and FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), we also have SBS for Shopee. Learn more about SBS below. 

What Is SBS?

SBS stands for Service by Shopee. It’s a service that lets sellers relinquish the processing and selling of products to Shopee itself. SBS applies to products owned by the seller as well as the ones at the possession of Shopee (This will be much clearer upon the discussion of the SBS business models).

The SBS program includes the following:

  • Chat services with customers
  • Storage of goods
  • Packaging and delivery of goods
  • Arrangement of stores and orders
  • Arrangement of returns

Apart from that, you will also enjoy exclusive benefits such as:

  • Free shipping

Terms and conditions for free shipping can vary per the Shopee market. For Shopee Indonesia, you can avail of free shipping up to IDR 50,000 / checkout.

  • 24-hours express delivery

The availability of this express delivery service can vary depending on the location of the customer. For your orders to be eligible, the payment for the item should be verified before midnight. Otherwise, the item will be delivered the next day. 

  • 24- hour chat service

Shopee will be in charge of your customer inquiry functionalities. Their agents will be available 24 hours, 7 days a week. 

  • Product exposure through Shopee24

Shopee24 is an express delivery service. Availing of the SBS program means that your products will be part of the Shopee24 promotions. An example is pasted below:

How Does SBS (Service by Shopee) Work?

What are the 3 business models inside SBS? 

Fulfillment services traditionally pertain to a single business model wherein the fulfillment service takes care of warehousing and fulfillment. Meanwhile, Shopee adds two more business models in its fulfillment concept. The three business models for their SBS program are the consignment model, the outright model, and the ordinary model. 

Consignment Model: you’ll remain the owner of your stocks. Shopee will just be managing your store.

Outright Model: Shopee will buy your stocks

Ordinary Model:  This is synonymous with FBL where Shopee will be the one to operate in terms of fulfillment and warehousing.

What Products Can I Sell In SBS?

You can sell any product through SBS as long as it doesn’t violate the Shopee policy. You can refer to the policy of your respective Shopee market. 

The product also needs to meet some additional criteria to make it eligible for SBS namely:

  • The product must have a competitive price (compared to sellers both internal and external to Shopee)
  • In the last 30 days, you were able to sell the product once in a day without any promotion
  • The product must have at least 10 reviews
  • The rating of the product should be at least 4.6

What Is The Seller Eligibility?

SBS is available for both sellers and brands. These are the eligibility criteria for marketplace sellers:

  • Active in the last seven days as a seller
  • Receive at least five orders per month 
  • The store should have been registered at least one month before SBS registration
  • Willing to pay the service fee (service fee can vary per Shopee market)
  • Do not sell prohibited items

Here are the eligibility criteria for brands:

  • Products should be an official brand
  • Either a brand or an exclusive distributor of a brand
  • Sufficient number of orders on Shopee
  • Willing to pay the service fee (service fee can vary per Shopee market)

How To Join SBS

SBS registration can vary per the Shopee market. The first step would be to send an email to Shopee. The Shopee team will review your seller profile and determine if you are qualified for SBS. They will contact you if you pass the evaluation. They’ll introduce you to the T&Cs and the service rates. The onboarding will start from there. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is the process of a return request?

The Shopee team will wait for the item to arrive at the warehouse and verify it within 1 to 2 days. Refunds will only be processed upon verification of the request.

How do I check the sales report for SBS?

You will receive a weekly sales report which will be sent to you every Wednesday. The report includes all the transactions Monday to Sunday in the previous week. 

How are goods delivered to the Shopee warehouse?

You have to submit a delivery request. Shopee will notify you about the delivery schedules. You will also be shouldering the costs for the shipping. 

How do I check on my stock quantity?

Upon joining SBS, a manager will be assigned to you. You can contact your manager about your available stock quantities in the warehouse. 

How do I get paid?

Shopee will send the payment to your registered SBS bank account. You get the proceeds of your stock every Thursday.

How do I take inventory goods out of the Shopee warehouse?

You have to submit an inventory withdrawal request three days to the time of collection. You can’t send your inventory goods back to the warehouse for one month after inventory withdrawal.  

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