As more and more buyers are turning to the world of e-commerce and online shopping to be able to access both their needs and wants, sales and aftersales care have become their priority. All buyers want to feel that sellers genuinely care about their experience and make an effort to provide them with quality products and services — even something as simple as product packaging makes all the difference.

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So how do you, as a seller, make an impact?

Simple, through your product packaging and product inserts. Most sellers forget this vital part of a product and end up losing repeat business.

How would you feel receiving diamonds packaged in toilet paper? The point is that you can have the best product, but with poor packaging, it all could be wasted. Furthermore, if you included product packaging that didn’t include a product insert, you’re most likely missing the opportunity to collect emails and remarket to your customers.

Why product packaging is important

If you have ever heard of first impressions, then you will see the value in excellent product packaging. Your customer doesn’t see your product first after it is delivered by Lazada; he/she considers the packaging. And if it appeals to them, then you are on the verge of gaining repeat customers. You need to be creative in how you design your packaging. It is enough to claim that you have maintained the standard packaging that Lazada dictates, but how is this making you stand out from the competition? You need to have different packaging as a Lazada seller so that your products stick out to customers and merit repeat business or establishing a personal connection with the user.

There are various ways you can enhance your product design, and if you are unable to do it personally, then you can also use the option of hiring the services of a professional designer. Avoid having packaging that has no words on it to outline clearly what you are selling. Your customer should know what your product is and all about it by merely viewing the package. Also, the words shouldn’t be too crowded on the package to destroy the message. You should also have the key features of your product on the front of the box to portray what the difference is between your product and the next one.

How to use product packaging to boost click-through rate and sales

The question you need to ask yourself as a Lazada seller is, what will make a customer pick my product? Of course, it has to be uniqueness (if comparing multiple of very similar products) since that is what most customers look for in a product. A product that has an appealing and unique packaging is more likely to get picked by a customer than that with ordinary packaging.

After you have designed your packaging, you need to use it to your advantage in marketing. Your main photo should have an image of the product and its packaging.

This has the potential to motivates the customer to purchase your product, just based on seeing great packaging. Even on your ads, you can increase your click-through rate by adding an impressive image on the packaging. The following two tips should guide you in the creation of good simpe design:

  • You should use bright colors so that the product stands out.
  • The packaging words should be visible, and the prominent words are bold and larger.

How great packaging can help you expand to prevent negative feedback

Your packaging represents your brand and can easily result in negative feedback on your product and brand in general. If you don’t want to have adverse effects on the product reviews, then you need to check on your packaging to prevent a negative experience. The 3PLs could easily damage your product if it is too flimsy and also you could leave a very commodotized experience in the mind of your customers if you don’t try to stick out.

At the very least, your product reviews will be impacted. Thus your average star rating will be lower than what it could have been if you had higher quality packaging. A more subtle effect will be you will be ‘short handing’ yourself the number of sales you could have gotten if you had a higher average star rating on your reviews.

Product inserts

These are accompaniments that you put inside the packaging alongside your products. Lazada has its policy about this, and some things are not allowed as inserts. In most cases, what is not permitted as an insert is an incentive note convincing customers into leaving good reviews on your store and directing them to your website.

Positive inserts help to interact with the customer. A good insert would be a gift related to the product you are selling with a small thank you note.


Product packaging is usually seen as a costly commodity that is simply necessary to deliver a product to a customer. The truth is that it could actually change the customer experience of your product if you get creative.

The outcome of strategically made packaging and inserts is a higher click through rate, a differentiator compared to competitors, increasing perceived product value & overall customer experience, higher rate of positive product reviews, lessened risk of damaged product during shipping, and overall increased sales.

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