Want to know what the Honeycomb Score is? Here, we’ll show you how you can make your new products become a hot item, how good your products are in terms of salability, and some tips and helpful practices to get more exposure in Lazada’s search result using the Honeycomb Score.

With thousands, if not millions of products on display, boosting a new item in Lazada requires passion, skills and patience. You need to be superior in conveying your product’s information to customers with a short attention span. 

To help sellers beat the heavy competition, Lazada announced a new feature in their Growth and Assortment Page. 

The Growth and Assortment page is dedicated to help sellers boost their new and existing products. 

Let’s tackle the new items first. 

Understanding Boost New Item and Honeycomb Score

As a Lazada seller, your ongoing goal is to drive more traffic and increase sales. One of the best ways to do this is to provide a broader range of products for your customers. 

Unlike the existing products that have already established customer base and market position, boosting new products need time, close attention, and some elbow grease to achieve customer familiarity. 

This is where Lazada’s Boost New Item can come in handy. 

Page Functions:

  • Filter

This function filters the Category and Honeycomb score level. You can also use this to search by Product Name and Product ID.

  • Product Info and Honeycomb Score

All information about your product are found in this section including the Product Name, Date of Creation, Honeycomb score and level, and traffic performances like the number of times your product shown in the result and the number of times a customer visited your product page from the search result.

  • Criteria to Achieve High Honeycomb Score

This contains the sub-criteria that will automatically define your Honey Comb Score.

What is the Honeycomb Score?

Any products that are updated or added within 30 days will fall under the Honeycomb page.

Honeycomb is a metric to be used specifically for new products. It is calculated based on multiple facets of your shop including item performance, store operations, and sales performance.

A high Honeycomb Score means Lazada will award your newly uploaded products an extra traffic boost and be visible in search results. 

Ideally, it’s for sellers that have a good performance rating. In the case of new sellers, you can access the honeycomb page to check the score of your products. 

To access the Honeycomb Score you need to go to Seller Center > Growth Center > Assortment Growth.

Other than the score, you will also have a level of Honeycomb Score:

Remember: Lazada will only boost traffic to products with high honey score levels. Products that are on moderate and low levels means that your product still needs improvement in certain areas. 

Honeyscore Parameters

Here are the following parameters in which the honeyscore relies on. We also added tips and key points so you can achieve the high level.


How unique are your products compared to others in the marketplace? Are they niche enough or are you just copying because you saw an instant hot item? Unfortunately, you cannot simply win the marketplace by adding an already existing product. 

Choosing products to sell can be daunting, but you can overcome this by asking this business question:

“Does your product solve your customers’ pain points?”

By identifying your customers’ pain points and providing solutions through the products will definitely give you an advantage over your competitors. 

For example, fashionable sandals for plus-size people. Unlike in western countries where these are readily available, tall and plus-sized women in Southeast Asia struggle to find good-looking shoes that fit right. 

Being unique allows you to stand out and persuade customers to buy from your shop despite having other options.

Emphasize your product’s unique selling point to attract the right consumers. 

Promotion and engagement 

This section is where sellers have the capacity to change and adapt accordingly. This is where the content score also falls. The Content Score measures the content quality of your products including product image, long description, and key product information attributes. 

Start your promotion by giving away attractive discounts, joining flash sales, or by offering free shipping. You can increase your engagement by creating a follower voucher and encourage customers to follow first to activate the voucher. This way you can increase your followers.

If you want to learn more about how to promote and increase your engagement, read Split Dragon’s blogs about Lazada Tutorials. 

Store power

This refers to the kind of quality service you offer to the customer. One of the major determinants of Store power is your response rate. It’s important to note that response rate is measured 24/7, even on holidays. You can read more about Lazada’s response rate here. 

It also checks your store ratings and customer reviews. Adding some freebies and even a simple note can motivate your customer to leave positive reviews.

Remember that online consumers want social proof, and high good review ratings increase your store power.

Your goal here is to make the shopping easy and pleasant for the customers. 

Brand contribution

Brand contribution is about your stores’ impact on Lazada in terms of overall customer experience and gross sales of the category you are in. Joining campaigns, challenges, rewards and other special events are some of the ways you can increase your brand contribution. Aside from riding on Lazada’s prominent campaigns, it’s also a great opportunity to boost exposure and sales. 


This factor measures how popular the product is in Lazada based on Keyword, Brand, and Category. Optimize your product description, key attributes, and even the overall appearance of your store to encourage revisits. 

Product history

Product History refers to how your newly launched product relates to your existing products. Make sure you input the correct category of the item to ensure accurate product information. Also, duplicating a listing is highly prohibited and could result in a product lock.

The duplication policy covers two or more listings that have no significant differences and willfully duplicating listings with an intent to spam and confuse the purchasers. 

Honeycomb score mechanism

After improving your Honeyscore, the system will analyze and calibrate the new score. The traffic allocation depends on the overall Honey Score so make sure you meet every requirement. The boosted additional traffic will take effect one day after the calibration process. 

As mentioned earlier, newly uploaded items are only considered “new” within 30 days. So after uploading the items, check your honeyscore right away and improve accordingly to enjoy the boost for a longer time. 

Honeycomb score benefits

The main purpose of Honeycomb Score is for sellers to get a lift when launching new products. As mentioned earlier, launching is as tricky as maintaining existing items.

Improving your Honeyscore merits additional traffic to your products.  A higher search traffic means a stronger brand or product visibility in Lazada.”

Honeycomb Score’s parameters are on the store level, so while you are improving your Honeycomb score, you are also improving your Store Performance. 

It’s a cycle :

Split Dragon’s new product launch strategy

The main objective of the Honeycomb Score is to give the sellers a little bit of a nudge to boost their new products. However, it’s a little hard to get a clear advantage when the same feature is accessible to all sellers.

So how do you gain an unbeatable competitive edge?

Split Dragon’s answer is knowing exactly what your customers want using data-driven tools like Product Analysis, Keyword Ranking, Competitor Tracking, Algorithmic Split testing and more . 

Did you know that online consumers produce an average of 1.7MB of new information per second? With the advent of huge internet cloud storage, you have direct access to information that physical retail stores don’t have. Unfortunately, there are only a few business owners who know how to use this information to their advantage. 

With Split Dragon, you can leverage this big data  to provide better service, come up with better products and eventually grow your business. 

Here are some key strategies you can apply using Split Dragon:

  • Search Engine Optimization

Without a doubt, online searching is an integral part of customers purchasing decisions, and if your new product is not optimized, it’s like leaving cash on the table. Moreover, if your new product is in a highly competitive niche, placing the right keywords on the title and description can be a lifesaver.

  • Keyword Search

Speaking of keywords, keyword research is the anchorage of SEO and a very vital part of digital marketing. Know which keywords are mostly used in your niche. You can use the Split Dragons Keyword Research tool to have access to high-volume search keywords based on actual Lazada search volume. You’ll see which keywords to use to optimize your listings before uploading the products to your store.

  • Search Rank Tracking

While you are enjoying your boosted traffic from Lazada, take time to evaluate your listings’ performance. You can use the Search Rank Tracking tool to view how many have searched your product and how it is ranking daily.

  • Competition Research

 In any competition, nothing comes out good when you don’t. Study what they are doing correctly and learn from their mistakes. Split Dragon also comes with a Competition Tracking tool to monitor all your competitor’s products and notifies you whenever there are changes from your competitors’ end, including pricing so you can stay competitively priced.

Recap on improving existing items page

Since we’ve discussed the Boost New Items, why not have a recap on how to improve your existing products as well. 

The main function of the Improve Existing Items Page is to show the important details that you missed and the reasons why your products are not achieving maximum performance.

If you have numerous product listings, don’t worry, this page is easy to navigate thanks to its filter and search function. It also features a Section Tip where you can find more information about the benefits you’ll get after improving the products. Just refer to the column “Issue List” to see the action points. 

One of our favorite parts of this page is that you can see the missed out benefits clearly stated on the top part of the page.

Remember, if you checked out all of the benefits, you’re one step ahead to get more exposure and sales compared to those unimproved items. 

Best practices to improve your existing items:

  • Fill up the Key Product Information Attributes

 Relying only on search results limits the visibility of your product. By filling up the Key Attributes, your products will be recommended to various types of customers. 

  • Use the Bulk Edit Function

This a template to mass-improve your product. If you have too many products, it’s easier, faster, and more convenient to use this function instead of editing one by one. 

How to use the Bulk Edit function?

  1. In the Assortment Growth page, go to <Improve Existing Items>
  2. Click <Bulk Edit> near the filter and search
  3. Download the template according to your product category
  4. Open the downloaded file and fill in the template, then click <save>
  5. Click the <Bulk Edit>, then click the <Browse> to upload the file
  6. Wait for a few minutes until it’s successful. 

By integrating Lazada’s features and Split Dragons tools, there’s no doubt that your products—even the newly listed ones—will get more traffic than you’ve seen before.

Want to stay on top of the competition?

Split Dragon offers support with your e-commerce needs using conversion-Focused tools and data-driven solutions. Contact us today to see how we can help you with tailored strategies that will drive your company’s success! 

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