Even after you’ve carefully fulfilled your orders, things can still go wrong while the item is on delivery. Let’s say the customer did receive the product but the delivery status still says “delivery failed” or “customer unavailable”.  There are no avoiding scenarios like inaccurate delivery statuses but what’s important is knowing what to do when this happens.

Is It Still Possible to Remit Sales After Inaccurate Delivery Status?

How Shopee Sellers Can Remit Sales After An Inaccurate Delivery Status

This happens when the delivery personnel successfully delivers a product to a customer and then marks the order as canceled or buyer unavailable. 

In this case, the seller won’t be able to receive the payment that was due for the order. If you find yourself in this kind of scenario, know that this isn’t a dead-end situation. 

As long as the buyer did receive the parcel, you still have a pretty good chance to prove the legitimacy of your claim and therefore, remit your sales. 

Here’s what you should do:

Communicate With Your Buyer

The best thing you can do is to ask your buyer to vouch for you. Most of the time, the customer will contact you first upon noticing the discrepancy

But if not, you can always message the buyer through the Shopee app messenger. You can also call the buyer using his own mobile number. 

The mobile number of the customer is located in the order details of the particular purchase. You’ll find it when you access your orders in the Shopee seller center. It’s also printed on the waybill. 

Ask the buyer to confirm if he has, indeed, received the parcel. 

Ask For A Picture Of The Parcel As Well As The Waybill

If so, the next step would be to let the buyer know that the courier has marked the order as canceled. 

And that you could use a little help so that you could receive the payment for the product. Ask him if he would be willing to vouch for you in a Shopee dispute. 

Most of the time, customers would be willing to help out sellers, especially if you have been providing the buyer with good quality customer service from the start of his purchase journey. 

Ask the buyer to take a picture of the parcel as well as the waybill containing the order number of the purchase. 

File A Dispute By Contacting CS

To file a dispute, all you have to do is to contact customer service. Give CS the following:

  • A screenshot of the delivery status as “failed” or “customer unavailable” along with snapshots of your conversation with the buyer stating that he already received the product.
  • A picture of the parcel captured by the buyer

The CS will be the one to escalate the issue to the higher admins of the marketplace. You will be contacted in one or two days for the outcome of the dispute. 

Once successful, the amount will be credited to your Shopee balance. 

Have you ever experienced getting an inaccurate delivery status on one of your Shopee products? How did you resolve it? We’d love to know in the comment section.

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