With the advent of social media and greater consumer buying power, it’s no secret that eCommerce has become a well-established institution in the modern business landscape. Thanks to a wide variety of platforms with large user bases that sellers can choose from, the opportunities to expand and attain consistent growth are abundant. 

Out of all the different ways and places to sell online, Lazada has proven time and time again that it is the place to be for anyone looking to tap into the ever-expansive Southeast Asian digital consumer market. 

What the Statistics Say 

In 2019 alone, Lazada broke many records in terms of year-round sales, application downloads, and product listing numbers, all thanks to a higher demand for eCommerce products in the region. For instance, the e-commerce powerhouse’s “11.11 sale” that took place in November last year saw the number of active sellers during the sale double, while more than 4,000 sellers saw $10,000 or more in revenue!

Given the statistics on how well the platform performed in 2019, it’s safe to say that the previous year was one for the books. However, 2020 is expected to be even better for eCommerce businesses that are looking to succeed. 

The Secret of Successful Lazada Businesses

Succeeding as a Lazada seller doesn’t involve a “magic formula” that works every single time. After all, each product has different demand and pool of buyers with unique preferences. An important factor to consider when running an online shop on Lazada is that you’ll always be pitted against at least a dozen other competitors who are vying for the same opportunities to make a sale. For this reason, it is essential that you stand out. 

Fortunately, maximizing the power of Lazada and getting one step closer towards setting your business on the path towards eventual success is very much possible with the help of one tool: Facebook marketing strategies.

Why Facebook is the Perfect Marketing Tool for Conquering 

Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world, with over 2.37 billion active users per month. The platform is undoubtedly the place to be if you’re looking for as many prospective short and long-term customers as possible. Considering the fact that the Southeast Asia (SEA) region takes up about 9 percent of the entire world population, it’s safe to assume that you’ll have a general audience of about 213,300,000 on Facebook. Driving even a single percentage of that sum to your Lazada shop could be a game-changer for your business!

When leveraged correctly, Facebook is a fantastic tool for brand building and marketing simply because it makes targeting a wide, yet specific audience much more feasible. Aside from the fact that Facebook has the biggest number of active users in the world, its wide range of marketing tools also makes it an asset for your Lazada marketing strategy.

4 Brand-Building Practices to Integrate Into Your Marketing Plan

If you want to take the leap with your Lazada brand-building and marketing efforts with the help of Facebook’s potential, here are a few crucial practices to start integrating: 


1. Take the time to learn everything you can about your target market

One vital practice that has been proven to work year after year is taking the time to study a target market and uncovering its key characteristics for greater insight. By digging deeper into your potential target market’s characteristics, you’ll be able to answer the following crucial questions

  • What products are your potential customers the most attracted to?
  • Which type of content works best for attracting a specific customer demographic?
  • What time does your target market log into Facebook? What time are they the most active?
  • What are other topics and pages that they’re interested in and engage with?

As soon as you’ve taken the time to study your target market, you’ll have the information you need to create an effective strategy. 


2. Research your target market’s niche interests

Speaking of interests, another strategy that you can use to further understand what draws customers to your Lazada page is to identify your target market’s niche interests. Knowing what gets your target market’s attention is a great way to further tweak the content that you post so that each post can convert even more Facebook users into long-term customers. One easy way to perform research on your target market’s niche interests is to use both Facebook’s Audience Insights and Analytics tools. You’ll find that the data aggregated from these sources can be incredibly insightful! 


3. Post content on a consistent basis

If there’s one thing that never ceases to make a great impact on any target market on Facebook, it’s consistency. At the end of the day, Facebook users are very particular about who they follow and what they see on their feeds. They’re much more likely to stick with pages that make an effort to post on a consistent basis. 

Consistent posts also create more opportunities to interact with your page viewers and potential followers while they sift through your content. This effectively yields more opportunities to turn users in the direction of your Lazada online shop! 


4. Create high-quality, meaningful content

The only “secret to success” with marketing on Facebook as a means to draw more users to your online shop is to create quality content. Content is king for a reason. Text, videos, photos, infographics, and other forms of meaningful information will attract more users and do more for your sales than any other marketing strategy.

Creating high-quality content not only attracts more followers and establishes your page as a figure of authority, but also provides opportunities to inject any CTAs or prompts to visit your Lazada store. Once they’re on your Lazada page, all you’ve got to do is convince them to seal the deal! Here are a few different forms of quality content that you can use on Facebook for your Lazada marketing strategy:

  • Long-form posts
  • Videos
  • Informative posts
  • Blog articles
  • Polls

Final words

Facebook, when used correctly, effectively renders itself as an all-important tool that can be used to boost sales, raise awareness, and establish yourself as a reputable Lazada seller. If you’re a Lazada seller in need of invaluable expertise to enhance your Lazada store’s performance with Facebook or any other social media platform, try out our Lazada advertising tool today!  

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