With 4.4 coming up, platforms such as Shopee and Lazada are gearing up by partnering with verified sellers, shops and even big brands in creating a memorable shopping experience for buyers – one that will not forget. As a buyer, see how you can utilize all the upcoming Shopee and Lazada Sales this 2024!

The great thing about these sales? They happen almost monthly! To help drive traffic into the site, boost the sales of the sellers within the platform and overall engage buyers, Shopee and Lazada have driven up the number of sales and occasional promotions to provide their buyers with the best deals! So why should you make use of it?

The Benefits of Shopee and Lazada Sales  


Free Shipping and Logistics 

While there are vouchers available on any normal day that provide free shipping for buyers, the fine print often limits what products you can buy wherein the voucher would be honored. During these sales, the sky is the limit! Vouchers are given with minimal to no terms and conditions hourly to help those buyers who want to make the most of the sale and buy several items!

Partnerships with Major Banks and Payment Gateways 

Several banks, online wallets and payment gateways take part in these sales to boost their own activity within their bank. You can easily link your bank or payment gateway of choice to the platform as a payment method and not only get free shipping vouchers but also sweet deals such as 10% to 50% off from the products you want to buy.


Installment Plans 

Other than free shipping and discounts, Shopee and Lazada also offers 0% interest for your purchases during these sales! If you activate your online wallets for these platforms, you can easily make the big purchases you have dreamed of for quite some time and pay it with 0% interest in 6-12 months and have it shipped to your house for free – truly the optimal shopping experience for any buyer!


Sales Price MarkDowns

Last but not least, the main reason why online shopping has become the norm – these deals bring down the price of most products by quite a lot! Without having to spend time and money to go to a physical store, you are also saving quite a bit by buying during these sales to enjoy discounts and mark down prices and coupled with free shipping and other promo offerings, you can easily make several purchases for the price of just one significant purchase. 


With just a day left until 4.4, buyers can prepare by putting in advance the items and products they’ve been eyeing on for quite some time into their carts, turn on your alerts and stay awake a little bit longer tonight and you’ll be able to enjoy some of the best deals you have seen in quite a while. Truly a win-win situation for buyers! 


Want to stay on top of the competition?

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