Thibault Couperie Eiffel is an influencer marketing expert as the co-founder and CEO of, an all-in-one influencer marketing platform and also service provider for brands/agencies running influencer campaigns.

He’s run an estimated 1,000+ influencer campaigns for 200+ brands in the past 3 years, so really knows his stuff.


Prior to starting Capssion, Thibault worked on the marketplace side at Lazada for several years and, before that, as a Venture Capital analyst.

Join Thibault Eiffel as he shares how to use social media for e-commerce selling, considering influencer marketing’s big show-up in the scene.

Understand how repeat collaborations strengthen brand support rather than one-offs.

You’ll learn:

  • Thibault background as an industry expert in eCommerce, what led him to start Capssion and enter the influencer marketing field [00:50]
  • The search and sourcing of winning eCommerce products [03:36]
  • Understanding influencer marketing [07:18]
  • Influencer marketing tie-in or connection to macroeconomic issues and profitability [09:06]
  • An influencer campaign’s key steps [11:58]
  • Things to consider when partnering with an influencer and doing cross-platform content [16:58]
  • Influencer compensation models [18:47] 
  • What brand stakeholders should watch out for in the creator/influencer economy before partnering with them [22:44]
  • Partnering with influencers whose audiences are your current customers [25:38]
  • Differentiating Southeast Asian region’s influencer strategies compared to US and European countries  [27:30]
  • Influencer marketing tips for eCommerce startups, things to consider when running campaigns [31:46]
  • In five years, how will influencer marketing look in Southeast Asia?  [34:48]
  • Two essential factors startups in SE Asia need to focus on when looking at their marketing campaigns where monthly promos are concerned [35:34]
  • If you are to create a new brand from scratch, how will you look at  growing your brand via influencer marketing 37:34

What was mentioned:

Ideas Worth Sharing:

A lot of the brands are coming back to the fundamental where they ask themselves, the person that I’m working with, they need to look like my end consumer because the likelihood that the people who follow this influencer will look like them is very high.” – Thibault Eiffel

“We’re now towards quality collaborations more than quantity collaborations.”– Thibault Eiffel

“We are also shifting from one-off collaborations to repeat collaborations. We are in an industry, even though it’s a numbers game, you are interacting with real people.”– Thibault Eiffel

“Nobody’s an expert in this social media; nobody can claim to know how to end the game. It is constantly changing; you need to iterate, you need to test, and you need to work with different people as well because you might not know that a certain type of campaign or certain type of content might work better for your brand.”– Thibault Eiffel

“The number one thing you need when you’re a brand is to understand number one, and that’s the most important thing why you’re doing this campaign.”– Thibault Eiffel

“There are so many angles that you can approach a campaign that if you are not clear about what you want, or if you want to multiply the objectives too much, you are set to fail.”– Thibault Eiffel

“Go for what the platform is strong for, depending on what you have listed before your objectives, your customer, and what you want out of this campaign, understand the strengths and weaknesses of each platform and know why you’re selecting the platform and the specific type of content and the rest of that flow.– Thibault Eiffel

“Ecommerce and social media will merge they will converge because the second you discover products on social media, it feels unnatural to ask people to leave the social media platform to buy.” – Thibault Eiffel

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