Split Dragon is beyond ecstatic to announce its acquisition of Lomio, an all-in-one A/B testing tool for Shopify.

Split Dragon has been helping marketplace sellers in Southeast Asia boost their business in Shopee, Lazada, Amazon, & Daraz, through its complete marketplace seller toolkit and services

Now, with Lomio’s technology, Split Dragon is ready to take the lead for brands trying to continuously improve with data on Shopify.. 

Matthew Schone, founding partner and CEO of Split Dragon speaks about how Lomio shares the same passion for “data-driven” eCommerce,

“Although we’re much broader in scope now, Split Dragon initially started as an AB testing tool (hence, the name Split Dragon) and we have built our business with basically one core tenet: continuous improvement via data-driven decision making. 

Shopify is the largest DTC player in the world and, believe it or not, we have quite a bit of DTC experience in-house. This acquisition gives us a strong application footprint in DTC to help our clients grow!”


When Lomio launched its product on Shopify, brands and big Shopify stores caught interest.   

However, the Lomio team was unsure how to move forward due to a lack of experience and enterprise framework to support brands with executing data-driven improvements. 

“[The growing interest] is pretty good for us but it was an issue. Mainly because we never worked with big brands, so we didn’t know how to support them throughout the process,” said Daniel, CEO of Lomio. 

He also added, 

For Split Dragon, [dealing with big brands] is not an issue. They have a lot of experience with A/B Testing and worked with popular brands like Unilever, Dentsu, and more… Hence I believe Lomio is a good fit for Split Dragon. In other words, Split Dragon can help Lomio reach its potential.”

Esteban Bouza, the Chief Technology Officer of Split Dragon also shared that “Lomio will be another Saas tool in our portfolio that will help eCommerce brands, sellers, and agencies grow their business with data.”

Why is Split Dragon entering the Shopify app world?

Shopify is one of the leading DTC eCommerce platforms in the world. 

Centralizing their product data, customers, and operational tasks in one system allows merchants to manage their DTC sales channel with ease. The robustness of their app marketplace (via tools like Lomio) is another key driver of brands and sellers to choose Shopify as their DTC platform.

An expansion to the DTC world

Without a doubt, many consumers continue to seek their favorite brands in online marketplaces like Shopify and Amazon.

This acquisition is a move by Split Dragon to enable more data-driven value for brands & sellers that want to improve their DTC sales channels.

If you are on the Shopify stack and want a proven tool to continuously improve w/ data, try Lomio here.

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