One thing you shouldn’t neglect in your Shopee selling is the calculation of revenue relative to the fees applicable to your potential sales. Shopee seller fees are essential to be able to accurately create a forecast of how much you’re going to earn from your venture. Here is a breakdown of the fees you will be subject to in the Shopee marketplace. 

Shopee Philippines

In Shopee Philippines, marketplace and Shopee Mall sellers must pay a transaction fee of 1.5% for every transaction. 

A 2% (VAT Inclusive) commission fee is also applicable towards Shopee Mall sellers (but not marketplace sellers). The formula calculation for the commission fee is as follows:

Sum x Total Price × 2%

The free is auto-deducted from the account of the seller upon confirmation of the payment release from the customer.

Shopee Malaysia 

Shopee Malaysia sellers are subjected to a 2.12% transaction fee. There is also a service fee but it only applies to sellers who are associated with certain Shopee programmes. 

Here are the variations of Shopee service fees:

  • RM15 Free Shipping Package – 3.18%
  • 10% Coins Cashback Programme – 4.24%
  • RM15 Free Shipping Package + 10% Coins Cashback Programme – 6.36%

All sellers also need to pay a fee of RM0.12 when they exceed three manual withdrawals per week. 

Shopee Thailand

For every transaction, there will be a transaction fee of 2% for all sellers. This Shopee seller fee will be deducted straight from the payment of the customer. 

There is also a separate transaction fee for purchases that were completed through credit card installments. The transaction fee herein will be 5%. The breakdown of this fee is as follows:

2% – credit card transaction

3% installment transaction 

Meanwhile, here is the commission fee per product category that only applies to Shopee Mall sellers:

Product Category  Commission Fee
Electronics 3%
Non-electronics 5%

Shopee Singapore

Shopee Seller Fees - Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and Philippines

All marketplace and mall sellers are subject to a transaction fee of 2% per completed purchase with coins cashback and free shipping applied to it. On top of that, there is also a 7% GST charge that will be applied towards the said transaction fee. 

The same rule applies to the service fee. All purchases with applicable coins cashback and free shipping are subject to a service fee charge per the following:

Type Of Seller Coins Cashback Service Fee Free Shipping
Service Fee
Electronic Mall Seller 3% 0%
Electronic Marketplace Seller 5% 2% (0% if joined with cashback)
Non-Electronic Mall Seller 3% 0%
Non-Electronic Marketplace Seller 5% 2%(0% if joined with cashback)

Only Shopee Mall sellers are subject to commission fees per category. Refer to the table below for the rates:


Product Category Commission Fee
Electronic 2%
Non-Electronic 5%

These commission fees are subject to 7% GST.

Shopee Indonesia

Shopee Indonesia has more specific categories for its commission fee list. You can use the table below as a reference:

Product Category Commission Fee
Vehicles 1%
Vehicle Parts 5%
Fashion For Infant & Children 5%
Beauty 5%
Computer  1%
Computer & Accessories 3%
Other Accessories 5%
Video Games & Home Electronics 1%
Entertainment Electronics 3%
Cable & Spare Parts 5%
Metal Fashion Accessories 1%
Contact Lenses 3%
Jewelry 5%
Staple 1%
Instant Food 3%
Sweets/Fresh Food/Frozen Food 5%
Food Supplements & Medical Devices 1%
Contraception & Self-Care 3%
Hobbies & Collections 3%
Home Fixtures 5%
Bags For Men 5%
Men’s Clothing 5%
Men’s Shoes 5%
Mobile Phones & Accessories 1%
Baby Essentials 3%
Baby Equipment 5%
Muslim Fashion 5%
Others 3%
Books & Crafts 5%
Cameras & Accessories 1%
Parties & Souvenirs 5%
Outdoor Sports  5%
Notebooks & Stationery  1%
Office Supplies 3%
Art & Magazines 5%
Vouchers 3%
Watches 5%
Bags For Women 5%
Women’s Clothing 5%
Women’s Shoes 5%

Transaction fees also apply to every transaction. However, the specific Shopee seller fees vary depending on the payment method chosen by the buyer. You can use the table below as your reference:

Payment Methods Transaction Fee
Credit/Debit Card 1.5%
Indomaret/Alfamart Rpm2.500
Shopee Pay 1%
Akulaku/Kredivo 1.5%
COD 1.5%
Credit Card Payment (3 Months) 2.5%
Installment Credit Card (6 Months) 2.5%
Installment Credit Card (12 Months) 6%
Credit Card Payment (18 Months) 8% (4% for BRI Bank)
Credit Card Payment (24 Months) 10% (4% for BRI Bank;1.5% for Banks BTN and Mandiri)
Bank Transfer or Virtual Account 0%

Forecasting an accurate potential revenue is important because you want to know how much money you are really making. But ultimately, it is vital when you enter stages of having to set aside investments for expansion such as marketing and branding. If you enter this stage without specific knowledge on your Shopee seller fees, this can result in errors in computation which will inevitably lead to discrepancies in your income. 


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