Getting your first order on Shopee is exciting and also a crucial part of your seller journey. So how do you make sure that the fulfillment and shipping are a success? Here are the things that you need to know. 

Things That You Need When You Get Your First Order On Shopee

Upon signing up as a Shopee seller, it would be a good idea to start preparing the items you need for order fulfillment. 

This is because when you get your first customer, order fulfillment moves pretty fast. If you’re unable to catch up, it may result in a canceled order. 

So, here is a list of items that you will need:

  • Bubble wrap

You will need a bubble wrap to keep your products secure as it is shipped to the customer. Unless the product is wrapped up nicely, the courier may decline to ship your item. 

  • Thermal printer (or normal printer if none is available)

Thermal printer is most recommended especially if you are shipping out multiple items at the same time since it prints out the waybill much faster. But if you don’t have the budget to invest in a thermal printer yet, a simple and ordinary printer will do. 

  • Thermal paper (or bond paper)

Take note that if you do decide to use a thermal printer, you will also need to use a thermal paper since a thermal printer will only accept a special kind of paper. The same goes if you use an ordinary printer. The latter will not read the thermal paper. Therefore, the safest for you to use would be a bond paper or a sticker paper.

  • Computer/Laptop

A computer is necessary for you to be able to print the waybill unless you have a printer that can be operated via Bluetooth and then you can print your waybill using your phone. But ultimately, a computer is recommended. 

  • Supply of products

You also need to make sure that you have sufficient products to support the demand for your orders. It would be a good idea to only enter the number of products you have on-hand on your product listing quantity. 

How To Get A Shopee Courier Pouch

One other thing we didn’t mention in the earlier paragraph is the need for a courier pouch. 

Couriers provide pouches for free to Shopee sellers. Therefore, you only need to ask the courier for your supply of pouches. There is no need to purchase them from anywhere although you might see some sellers selling their own pouches online. 

If you plan to always drop off your item, you probably don’t need to ask for one since the courier staff will be the one to put it in a pouch upon arriving at the center. 

But if it’s for pick-up, know that delivery guys carry these pouches around all the time so that they can give to sellers who ask for it. 

Immediately Scheduling A Shopee Drop-Off Or Pick Up

Buyers are often time-sensitive when it comes to their orders. Therefore, upon receiving an order, you should ship the product as soon as you can. 

Make sure that you have the Shopee mobile app installed so that you’ll get order notifications even though you’re not on your computer. The same app can be used to schedule a drop-off or pick-up. 

Dropping off an item would be the easiest approach but if you don’t have access to nearby couriers, scheduling a pick-up is the alternative. 

Just take note that pick-up schedules tend to pile up pretty quickly and therefore, you need to schedule it immediately. The courier only has three days to pick up your order after which the order will automatically be canceled by the Shopee system. 

Courier pick up efficiency can vary depending on pick up demand per branch. Therefore, it would be a good idea to stay connected with other Shopee sellers in your area to carefully assess which courier would be the best option to use for your shop. 

Packaging Guidelines

The weight of each parcel should not exceed 5kg. You can check back with your courier to know the exact parcel size ceiling as this can vary per courier. 

Make sure that fragile products such as ceramic, glass, makeup, food, and the like are wrapped in bubble wrap of at least two folds to keep it secured throughout shipping. If your item is of fragile nature, make sure to label it so that the courier can provide appropriate treatment. 

Liquid Products

Take note that only a maximum of 300 ML bottles is allowed for Shopee-related courier transactions. 

If you are selling liquid products, make sure to enclose it in a sealed plastic bag to avoid spillage. Put it in a box and place it in an upright position. 


Clothes should be put in a plastic bag before placing it in the pouch. For products that are battery-operated, make sure that the battery is already attached to the device and that the power is turned off. You also need to label if the product is battery-operated. 

Make sure that all edges of your packaging are sealed tight. If you are selling a product that is of high security, you can label it “Refuse to accept if seal is broken”. 

How were your first Shopee sales like? Let us know in the comment section. 

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