Not all orders turn into sales. Some items get returned due to some unforeseen circumstances. And that’s fine because you can just try and sell the item again. But Lazada product returns can also be a bit tricky which is why standard protocol needs to be set in place to make sure that you are able to efficiently manage your Lazada product returns. 

What Is A Lazada Product Return?

If a seller shipped a product that the customer deems to subpar in terms of standard expectations, the customer can ship the product back to the seller and the payment that was made will be credited back to the customer. 

But due to the emergence of joy buyers, the reason for filing a Lazada product return must meet the criteria set by Lazada. 

When Is A Product Return Valid?

In order for a Lazada product return to be valid, the reason has to be one of the following:

  • Wrong item received
  • Item does not match the picture
  • Missing freebies or accessories
  • Damaged or expired item

There are some cases where a customer will file a product return and tag “Change of mind” as the reason for the request. When this happens, it is at the discretion of the seller if he will approve the product return request. 

Now apart from having a valid reason, the customer also needs the order number of the ordered item as well as a printed return label for the pickup of the item. 

Lazada Product Return Process

Upon receiving the product, instead of tapping “Product Received” on the Lazada app, the customer will have to choose Return/Refund Product. 

A dispute between the seller and the customer will be set in place. A decision will be made between the seller, the Lazada team, and the customer. 

If the product is approved for Lazada product return, a courier will drop by the place of the customer and pick up the item (the customer also has the option to drop by any courier branch of his choice) and then deliver it to the seller. 

Conduct A Visual Check Of The Product

How To Efficiently Manage Product Returns On Lazada

After receiving the returned item, you will no longer be allowed to make any complaints about your item to Lazada thereafter. 

Therefore, you are required to conduct a visual check of the product prior to signing the received form from the courier. 

Here is the proper way of conducting a visual check of the product:

  • Check if the parcel is really yours by locating your shop name in the customer return airway bill
  • Make sure that there are no substantial damages to the outer packaging of the item (minor dents and scratches aren’t considered as substantial)
  • Look for signs of tampering or possible product replacement

If the parcel did not pass your visual check in some way, you can reject the product. Just make sure that you document as to why you rejected the parcel

A Word Of Precaution About Product Returns

Lots of Lazada sellers experience hacking in product returns. Always stay guarded against parcels that never arrive at the seller or product returns that were tampered with or replaced. 

We’ve formulated these pointers on how you can stay vigilant during a product return delivery.

How To Be Vigilant During The Product Return Delivery

  • Monitor the status of your product returns regularly

Just like how customers can track their parcel, you can also monitor the status of your product return using the Lazada app

  • Once you have an order that says: shipping back, return initiated, log it in an excel file or logbook

This is so you have your own record of what’s currently happening with your product return parcel

  • Monitor the status every 12 hours

There are times when the status changes to “Return Successful” even if no physical product was returned to you

  • If you see any discrepancy, file a claim immediately to psc

This can be difficult to report later on if you let a single suspicious event pass

  • Make sure that you get a PSC ticket number at the end of your interaction

This will be your proof that you indeed file a claim.

  • Check your SOA (statement of account) two to four weeks after the claim 

Just to see if the product return reflected appropriately in your account

Lots of things can happen if your product return parcel is still on its way to you. While Lazada already standardizes the safe arrival of product returns to sellers, the wisest thing to do would still be to do things on your end that can help make for a smooth product return delivery. 

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