Some brand owners have their hands up with regards to protecting their products from illegal or counterfeit selling. Little do they know that there is a policy in place that is legally binding to keep their intellectual property. This same policy isn’t just limited to counterfeit selling. As a matter of fact, you can count on it to provide security to all of the intellectual property that you share on the Lazada platform. Knowing this policy is important not just for the purpose of legal protection but also to keep you aware of when you are already breaching another seller’s intellectual property rights. Read on to learn more about Lazada’s Intellectual Property Rights Policy.

An Overview Of Lazada’s Intellectual Property Rights Policy (IPRP)

Lazada’s Intellectual Property Rights Policy

Lazada’s IPRP is the platform’s method of guaranteeing a safe and healthy eCommerce environment. 

Lazada protects its sellers from unlawful reproduction of copyright and trademarks in the following categories:

  • Counterfeit selling of items
  • Content infringement (texts in product detail pages and images)
  • Using content with patent rights
  • Using designs with registered rights

Consequences Of Potential Breach Of Lazada’s IPRP

Upon breaching any of the IPRP terms as stated in the above section, you or the seller suspected of intellectual rights violation will incur a non-compliance point. You can refer to the information below for the distribution of non-compliance points:

  • Counterfeit – up to 16 points
  • Content infringement – 1 point
  • Infringement of patent rights – up to 6 points
  • Infringement of registered design rights – up to 6 points

Aside from that, you or the seller suspected of IPRP breach will also have their products locked. Therefore, you or the seller suspected of IPRP breach will not receive Lazada revenue during the duration of the penalty period. 

If you are mistakenly flagged for intellectual property breach, make sure to reach out to customer support immediately. Ready your soft copies of evidence that proves that you, indeed, have legal rights towards the content, images, or products that you are using within the Lazada platform.

Various Types Of Intellectual Infringement As Mentioned In The IPRP

It is arguable that intellectual property is a general term and can be defined subjectively. Therefore, Lazada pre-defined intellectual copyright infringement in terms of the following:

  • Trademark

This pertains to the legal protection of expression, sign, or design. A corresponding government unit has to recognize your symbol for it to qualify as a trademark.

  • Copyright

This type of intellectual property pertains to written works. The purpose of this title is to separate texts that can be copied and texts that should be maintained as exclusive to the creator. 

  • Patent

The patent refers to legal protection for inventions that are registered under the law. When an invention or process design is patented, no one else can distribute the said invention without the authorization of the creator.  

This type of intellectual property is most relative to sellers who created their own product and brand and want to maintain protection against counterfeit sellers. 

  • Registered design

This protects you against the copying or reusing of the shape, physical appearance, pattern, the ornamentation of your created products. 

How To Avoid Intellectual Property Issues In Lazada

To avoid any issue with IPRP, you need to know what intellectual property breach looks like. In terms of using the Lazada platform, intellectual property looks like this:

  • Using product images that belong to another seller
  • Copying entire parts or whole product description as your own
  • Selling counterfeit products of original brands

As a seller, it is your responsibility to assess the product that you are planning to sell to see if it is genuine and authentic. Regardless of your knowledge about the authenticity of your product, you will still suffer the consequences of selling counterfeit products on the Lazada platform.  

Meanwhile, for your product detail pages, it would be a good idea to talk about the benefits of the item so that you can avoid copying the exact specifications of the product. Not only will this make you prone to plagiarism but it is also not always good for product SEO.

As for product images, if taking your own images isn’t possible for you, just make sure to get written approval from the owner of the images that you are authorized to use the said images for commercial purposes on the Lazada platform. 

How To Protect Your Own Property Rights Against Other Sellers

First, you need to make sure that your content or products have legal protection since only the legal creator of a specific design or product can file a complaint against IPRP breach. 

How Can I Complain If Someone Did Breach My Intellectual Property?

Once you verify the breaching of your intellectual rights, you need to prepare the following documents:

  • Government-provided ID or business registration certificate/business license
  • Proof of intellectual property rights

Upon securing the required documents, you can then file a complaint at the IPP Portal.

Did you experience trouble with any copyright on Lazada before? Let us know in the comment section. 

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