Ken Leaver started in consulting with 7 years at BCG, then moved to the commercial world (CEO of Group Ukraine, ran a $50m issue product biz for visa). He previously was SVP Product at Lazada, Director of Product at Wayfair, and Head of Product at Pomelo Fashion. 

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He’s also a serial entrepreneur and now spends his time on his startup (, an online therapy marketplace) and consulting different (mostly eCommerce businesses) in the region on product management and operations technology. In the past 5 years, he’s helped Ozon, Yandex, BRANDED, Shipper, Wasoko, Delami, Rainforest. Always at the CEO/CPO/CTO level, typically driving projects himself.

Ken is most famous for his incredible organizational systems and disciplines which he calls “seal tactics” and has been a big help/mentor.

In this episode, Ken Leaver shares valuable insights and thoughts on the challenges and good opportunities in the Southeast Asian region’s e-commerce space.

He believes that there are more new generations of independent creators nowadays looking into creating their communities, and content and building their own brands to sell to, thus, we see an e-commerce landscape making a lot of difference three to five years down the road.

Topics Covered:

  • Ken’s journey to Southeast Asia and why he chose to stay [01:59]
  • Compared with the US and Europe, how did SE Asia’s e-commerce business landscape look [05:15]
  • The complexity of finding product differentiation from the supply chain in the SEA region [11:23]
  • Creating product differentiation [12:29]
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