Your logistics partners transport products and deliver them to the right location at the right time. Due to the importance of timely delivery to customers, choosing the right logistics provider for an online store is critical. We compiled 19 of the best Indonesia logistics providers for brands and sellers below. 

Deciding Factors In Choosing A Logistics Provider

Your logistics provider can have a massive impact on customer satisfaction. You can have a good product but if you don’t meet people’s expectations, you could lose customers in the long-haul or your brand could suffer from negative reviews. 

Given Its importance, we’ve summed up 5 of the most critical deciding factors in choosing Indonesian logistics providers. 

1. Fast Delivery 

Fast delivery is one of the determining factors of conversion rates. Even if someone has paid credit to your product already and is awaiting receipt of his item, if the delivery takes too long to be completed, customers have the tendency to cancel the order. Hence, you lose a customer. At the same time, you also lose out on money from the packing materials that you used on the product that you now have to dispose of. 

In the long run, partnering with Indonesia logistics providers that have a consistent history of late deliveries will impact your business’ revenue stream. 

2. Responsive CS

Sometimes delays in delivery happen even to the best Indonesia logistics providers. If that’s the case, it’s important for your partnered courier service to have a responsive customer service that your customers can interact with. 

Even with slight delays, having a responsive CS on the logistics’ end will greatly improve customer satisfaction. As we’ll discuss in the next item, real-time delivery data helps with delivery updates but human interaction also has its benefits since a CS personnel can provide details about the delivery that an AI tracker cannot detect. 

3. Provides Real-Time Data On Delivery

For regular deliveries, most people prefer to look at data that’s readily available to update them on the status of their deliverable. Having this tech in hand gives customers the instant satisfaction of knowing the current location of their product. 

Real-time data is also a huge help during peak shopping holidays where there are usually higher inquiries compared to what CS can handle. In that case, customers can still get updates from the delivery tracker without needing the help of CS. %3

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