How do you stand out from the many other sellers in Shopee?

Aside from monitoring your competitors and adjusting your strategy based on data, you’ll need to offer your customers exemplary services—and that includes ensuring whatever they’ve bought from your store is delivered on time. 

One way to achieve seamless delivery is by efficiently tracking your parcels. Done right, you’ll get to maintain open communication with your customers and give them essential updates whenever it’s necessary. 

And to help you do that, here’s everything you need to know about tracking Shopee Xpress delivery.

Shopee Xpress Tracking

Shopee Xpress (SPX) is an all-inclusive logistics service from Shopee. It attempts to deliver your sold items as quickly as possible to your customers.

Shopee Xpress is open seven days a week from 9 am to 6 pm, excluding selected holidays, and its delivery times take between 1-3 business days.

In addition to Cash on Delivery (COD), Shopee Xpress also offers Sea Shipping of products from West Malaysia to East Malaysia. 

Because Shopee Xpress is a logistics partner, it’s simple to track your order using the SPX app, website, or Shopee Xpress tracking site. The Shopee Guarantee, which protects users by withholding payment to Sellers until the Buyer confirms receipt of the order, applies to Shopee Express orders as well.

Additionally, Shopee collaborates with over 70 courier firms across their regions to assist users with logistics. J&T Express, Pos Laju, DHL, Ninja Van, The, and City Link Express are among the logistics partners in Malaysia.

The Shipment Process as an Online Seller

1. When you,  receive a Shopee Xpress order from a customer, you’ll be notified that it needs to be shipped via Shopee Supported Logistics.

2. You will then need to prepare the appropriate packaging for the item and attach an A6-sized air waybill printed from the Shopee Seller Center.

3. If the pickup option is selected, the order needs to be shipped before you can receive the payment. Please take note that the pickup service is only available if you are qualified and are within the covered areas.

4. Shopee Xpress then handles the delivery and charges the buyer for shipping.

5. After that, the Shopee Express tracking number will be displayed. With this logistical tracking number, you can monitor your parcel’s location.

6. Once the buyer receives your package and marks it as “Received,” the remainder of the order total will be transferred to you.

Please take note that Shopee delivery timeframes depend on the logistics partners you choose, the location of the package, and the customer’s location.

Also, if Shopee Xpress determines that the actual shipping charge is greater than the estimated shipping charge based on the weight listed in the product description, Shopee will deduct the difference from your payout and return the remainder.

Shopee Xpress Tracking Number

The format of a Shopee Xpress tracking number depends on the carrier you select when you place an order. Typically, this depends on your shipment’s destination and the type of products being transported. 

So how do you and your buyer find your updated Shopee Xpress tracking number?

  1. Navigate to the “Order Details” page, followed by “Ship,” and then go to the “SHIP” page.
  2. Tap “Set Carrier” to select the logistics company.
  3. Enter the tracking number
  4. Select “SHIP”
  5. Under “Shipping Information,” you’ll see the updated Shopee Xpress tracking number


How To Track My Shopee Package

Enter the Shopee Xpress tracking number into the tracking form of your preferred logistics partner and click “Track Parcel” to obtain the most up-to-date information regarding your item from Shopee.

With a few clicks on the Shopee website, you can track your shipments sent by the Shopee courier to various locations around the globe. Before your customers receive your package, you, as the sender, must provide them with a Shopee Xpress tracking number. Then with the website, the customer can determine the location and delivery status of their mail or package.

With Shopee-supported logistics partners, it’s simple to track a Shopee package. You just need to enter your tracking number in the top form of the logistics company or visit the track ‘my package’ page to begin package tracking. 

Shopee-supported logistics partners provide the most efficient method for tracking packages for any post office. They take Shopee Xpress tracking numbers from all across the globe and seek to provide precise order information in tracking your parcel. 

Why You Should Go For Shopee Supported Logistics

After the courier has your things and changes the shipping status, you’ll be able to follow the standard delivery procedure. But what are the benefits of Shopee-assisted logistics for sending your customer’s order? 



Shopee supported logistics 

Non-Shopee supported logistics 

Pick up Notification SPX drop-off point will obtain notification automatically  The Shopee seller must click the ship button to send a complete pickup notification
Air Waybill  Printable on Shopee  Cannot be printed on Shopee 
Shopee Xpress Tracking number  The applications will incorporate the Shopee Xpress tracking number automatically. The seller has to input it manually 
Shopee Xpress tracking details You can track and monitor your order by using Shopee app  The Shopee app does not provide tracking; you need to use the logistics platform
Shipment Plans Vendors get to plan shipments using the Shopee seller center or the Shopee App Seller must arrange freight on their own

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Shopee Xpress Delivery Time

After your order leaves Shopee’s warehouse, standard shipping takes 2–8 business days. Shopee Xpress shipping takes one to three business days after your order has left Shopee’s warehouse.

If you purchase an item from a foreign country, it may take between 9-18 days to arrive. This computation does not account for the logistics partner’s national holidays or non-working days. 

You also need to be aware that your order might get delayed if there is a case of long public holidays or a high volume of orders due to a Shopee sale. Nonetheless, you may track your order with the Shopee app.

Here are some of the various delivery methods:

Shopee Standard Express

This service and its mention give the impression that a Shopee partner performs the delivery. The logistics partner will post online tracking information within two to four days. 

Once the courier has collected the order, delivery typically takes between 2-8 business days. You can check the status of your order using the Shopee website or app, which sends updates every 24 to 48 hours.

SHOPEE24 Express Delivery

Apart from Shopee standard express, Shopee has launched a new service called Shopee24 Express Delivery (Shopee24) that promises online shoppers next-day delivery. 

This delivery method guarantees that your package will arrive within twenty-four hours of placing your order. Items that can be sent in this manner will be marked Shopee24.

Shopee24 express delivery is only available in Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, and Selangor.

The subsequent shipment will be free if Shopee cannot reach the next-day delivery requirement. The service is provided during the week except on the weekends. As previously mentioned, next-day delivery is only offered inside the Klang Valley. 

Next-day delivery is also only assured if the order is placed before 2 pm the day before. 

Checking Status Of Your Shopee Xpress Shipping

Enter the Shopee Xpress tracking number for your Shopee package to track its location and delivery status. You can see Track your shipment from where it was deposited to the sorting center to the delivery hub before it is delivered to your customers. And you can contact customer care if you need assistance. 

Please take note that:

  • Shipping details may not appear immediately. Please allow the couriers 24 to 48 hours to update the status of your order.
  • Orders are dispatched according to Your Days to Ship and the Courier Delivery Lead Time. 
  • Shopee will communicate delays due to holidays and inclement weather. Please monitor orders as frequently as possible.

You may view the status of your orders by selecting My Purchases from the Me page of the Shopee app. Depending on the state of your order, it will be assigned to one of the following statuses;

Status Description
To Pay Includes all unpaid orders
Return/refund Contains returned or refunded orders.
Address does not match The delivery address did not match the buyer’s current location
Canceled includes canceled orders
No payment received (COD) Buyer did not give cash/item must be returned to the rider — must agree with the buyer if delivery will be rescheduled within SLA
Buyer not on location Buyer is not at the shipping address
To Ship Orders that are paid, scheduled, and available for pick-up
Inaccessible Location The buyer’s address cannot be located owing to widespread natural disasters
Misroute Used for parcels that have been incorrectly assigned to a hub or are outside of a serviceable area
Insufficient Time Rider arrived after 7PM, which the EOS of Finance team considers to be the courier’s fault
To Receive Orders that are slated for delivery
Item lost Rider lost item
Damaged item Rider delivered a faulty item, buyer opened the packet real-time
Disaster The rider was involved in an accident, driving offenses and other life-threatening incidents
Rejected by buyer Buyer not interested with parcel
Buyer Re-Schedule Buyer notifies rider to deliver beyond SLA (after 3 days from AWB date)
Incomplete Address Address details such as street number, barangay, and exact zip code are missing, resulting in an erroneous location
Your parcel has been received by the sorting center The order has been picked up successfully.
Your parcel has arrived at destination hub The order has been received and is ready for sorting at the destination hub.
The order has been taken by the Courier The order is en route to the customer.
Order has been delivered The order has been delivered successfully.


Note: The customer can press the “Extend Shopee Guarantee” or “Request Return/Refund” option if an order does not arrive within the expected timeframe or in the appropriate condition.

The client can also request a return or refund for items that aren’t COD if the order hasn’t arrived after the Shopee Guarantee has been extended and the Shopee seller has not responded.

Shopee Delivery Methods

The Shopee website is available in Malaysia, Thailand, The Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and numerous other countries. Delivery services can differ based on your location. Here are some of its delivery methods:

Shopee Malaysia: This service is accessible in Malaysia, and partners such as ABX Express, Skynet, J&T Express, Pos Malaysia, NinjaVan, Gdex, Poslaju, and DHL have been consistently delivering items for several years. 

Each delivery service has its methods and timeframes for delivering packages. DHL, for instance, delivers the following day in most regions of Malaysia and within two to three days in more distant places.

Shopee Thailand: Thai Parcel, Thailand Post, and NinjaVan, all partners, perform delivery in Thailand.

Shopee Philippines: Black Arrow Express, and LBC Express partners handle the delivery in the Philippines. See complete list

Shopee Indonesia: Jne, POS Indonesia, NinjaVan, and J&T Express are utilized to accomplish deliveries in indonesia. Each delivery service, too, has its methods and timeframes for delivering packages.

Shopee Singapore: This service ensures that domestic orders are protected within one to three business days, and international orders are insured within nine to twenty-four days.

Your customer can ask someone else to pick up their order if they cannot be present. If the package has already been paid for, the representative must have a letter of authorization to obtain it.

It is illegal for customers to open parcels without payment in cash. No delivery partner will release the package before receiving complete payment.


How does Shopee Supported Logistics typically deliver products?

Shopee Supported Logistics will dispatch the package to the address stated on the mailing label. If no one is present when the courier arrives to deliver the package, Shopee will contact the client to schedule a second delivery attempt. 

If Shopee assisted logistics sent the courier for the second time and nobody still receives the package, Shopee Supported Logistics will return the package to the shopee seller.

How do I add a courier to my seller on Shopee?

You can configure your shipping channel using the Shopee Seller Center Shipping Settings page or the Shopee app. Contact Shopee Customer Service or your Relationship Manager to request an additional Shipping Channel.

Can I use my courier on Shopee?

You can select your preferred shipping option on the Shopee App’s Checkout page. On the Shopee App, choose a shipping method > Select your preferred shipping method from the options provided by the vendor. Finally, ‘Confirm.’

Beat competitors with outstanding delivery experiences

The customer experience doesn’t stop once you sell the product. 

The days before the delivery, the unboxing experience, and the after-sale care is still a part of it. So one way to stand out from competitors is to provide an awesome delivery experience. Don’t take it for granted. 

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