When we say that our Lazada store has good traffic, for the most part, we are only pertaining to the majority of our product pages. This means that there is still a remaining number of products that receive little traffic. With Lazada Slash It, you will be able to generate traffic for products that aren’t as performing as well as the majority of your items. Learn more about Lazada Slash It below. 

What Is Lazada Slash It?

Lazada Slash It is a campaign that works in a game format to further catch the attention of potential buyers. Even though this campaign appears to be “for the customers”, it actually benefits both ends. Read on to learn more. 

How Does Lazada Slash It Benefit Buyers?

Lazada Slash It is designed to let buyers purchase items for a slashed/marked down price. 

It goes like this. A buyer finds a product eligible for Slash It. He clicks on Slash and the original price goes down but to be able to buy the item for the lowest price, he needs to invite other users to slash the price as well. 

The buyer will copy and paste an invitation link for slashing the item and share it with his friends and relatives through different social media platforms

As soon the item gets the maximum number of slashes, the buyer can purchase it at the most marked down price. 

How Does Lazada Slash It Benefits Sellers?

Most campaigns are programmed to increase conversions or sales of a particular seller. This is exactly what makes Lazada Slash It unique. 

It may not bring you as much revenue as a sponsored search or affiliate ad will but it will drive a lot of traffic to your product page. 

Low price is always a stronger determinant in a buyer’s decision. The strong demand for the lowest price will persuade customers to share links to your product hence, your traffic will increase dramatically. 

Lazada Slash It is most helpful for promoting new products or increasing conversion for some of your least performing products. 

Even though this campaign does not provide a lot of financial gains, an increase in sales could be the after effect following the duration of Slash It. 

Seller Requirements

There are no specific requirements needed to become eligible for this campaign. It is only that you must be selling under categories Lazada Slash It is currently focusing on. 

Slash It is a seasonal campaign meaning it could focus its campaign on gadgets at this time and on the next campaign, it could target beauty products. 

How To Join Lazada Slash It

How Does Lazada Slash It Contribute To Seller Traffic?

If you qualify for the current Slash It campaign, you will be able to find it on Lazada Seller Center. Simply hover the pointer to Promotions and then select Campaign. 

You must agree to sell your chosen products at a predetermined deal set by Lazada. You can also set the number of stocks you want to enroll in Slash It. The minimum suggested a number of stocks by Lazada is 5 pcs.

Upon the approval of your application, there is no turning back. You will no longer be able to change the prices back. 

Final Takeaway

Slash It can serve as a game starter. Meanwhile, if you ever need help managing other conversion elements such as search rank, competitor tracking, product analysis, and the like, feel free to send us a message. 

Split Dragon is a software provider that focuses on providing automation solutions to Shopee and Lazada sellers. By automating certain marketing functions, you will be able to generate more sales and expand your business thanks to the extra workload that has been lifted off your shoulders. 

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