The most basic answer to that question is YES. Here’s a breakdown of how Lazada Seller Picks makes that happen. 

What Is Lazada Seller Picks?

Lazada Seller Picks is a free promotional tool that is dedicated to empowering sellers by improving SKUs in the areas of product SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) and advertising. To further elaborate on the latter, SKUs are displayed at the bottom of the SERPs page in the web as well as at the top of the SERPs page in the mobile app. 

What this basically means is that you will be choosing products that you want to improve in Lazada Seller Picks. And then the selected SKUs will experience an increase in advertising and search visibility which inevitably boosts sales. 

Even though it’s a free tool, it is not openly available for everyone, only for sellers who are eligible. And the criteria are as follows:

  • A seller rating of at least 70%
  • A minimum of three live SKUs
  • 85% chat response rate
  • Lazada store should have been decorated using Store Builder

In What Ways Does It Improve Seller Performance?

Lazada Seller Picks provides your products with earlier visibility in the SERPs giving you a guaranteed 95% increase in page views. With that, your products will see an improvement in search performance. 

As an example, if you have a product that originally appears on the fifth page, as soon as you add this product to Lazada Seller Picks, the item will then appear on the third or second page of SERPs. 

Lazada Seller Picks is also helpful when a customer has added one of your items into their cart but has forgotten to check out. Through the boosting of your products, the customer will see your products again while browsing the Lazada catalog and can remind the customer of his initial intent to make a purchase. 

If you have active marketing campaigns using Seller Picks can also pump your conversions up a notch. 

As a matter of fact, it is most recommended that the following products be boosted through Seller Picks:

  • Campaign items
  • High add-to-cart items
  • Seasonal or trendy products
  • Best-selling products
  • Promotional products

How Does Seller Picks Impact Your Algorithm Search Rank?

Product performance is significant in terms of search rank. As your product gets more valid clicks and page views, the positive performance will reflect on your search rank. Though Lazada has no control over how many people come across your page or show interest through clicks, Lazada can help you influence it through the boosting mechanism of Seller Picks. 

Factors That Affect The Lazada Algorithm Search Rank

Refer below to factors affecting Lazada search rank:

  • Product title
  • Product description/highlights
  • Category
  • Brand name
  • Product reviews
  • Official store brand
  • Sales in a week
  • Sales in a month
  • Fulfillment speed and efficiency
  • Seller rating
  • Conversion rate

Even though the majority of these factors stress an emphasis on multiple tactics such as proper use of keywords, categorization, branding, conversion rate, and the like, they are all paramount to product visibility which is basically what Seller Picks is programmed to do. 

Mixing organic search tactics with Lazada Seller Picks will enhance the conversion potential of your overall marketing strategy. 

Lazada Seller Picks can do the bulk of the work in terms of product boosting. Meanwhile, if you are looking to expand your efficiency rating in terms of competitor tracking, AB Testing, CRO, SEO, and product listing optimization, get in touch with Split Dragon today and see how our marketing automation software can lift the work for you. 

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