Shopee is a terrific marketplace channel in SE Asia for eCommerce sellers. It is home to some of the best eCommerce online marketing tools you can find. In this article, we will be giving an overview of the Enhanced Coins Cashback program at Shopee.

The Enhanced Coins Cashback program is a Shopee seller incentive program designed to help Shopee sellers grow their brand and boost sales. In this article, we will explain it in detail so you can start taking advantage of this program as a seller.

What Is The Enhanced Coins Cashback?

Shopee has been offering the Enhanced Coins Cashback to selected sellers since July 2019. This is an opt-in program that is intended to not only boost traffic but also sales performance. 

Sellers who make the cut for Coins Cashback become eligible for Shopee sponsored 10% cashback vouchers with no minimum spend. Hence, sellers will enjoy increased marketing exposure in the Shopee platform in exchange for a nominal participation fee. You will also have complete access to Shopee’s free shipping program at zero fees. 

Every week, Shopee releases 1x Shopee sponsored Cashback 10% off voucher (no min. spend) for buyers’ indulgence.

In other words, buyers will get additional Shopee coins for every product they purchase from your shop. They can use these coins to deduct certain amounts from the sum of their next purchase. 100 Shopee coins are equivalent to $1. So, if, for instance, a buyer has 500 Shopee coins in total, on his next order, he can deduct $5 from the total payment of his cart products. 

Marketing Support From Shopee

The cashback in itself is a great offer but on top of that, sellers who qualify for the cashback program also receive marketing promotions from the Shopee platform on a weekly basis.

Here are the mechanics of the promotions:

  • Search Filter for Cashback items 
  • 10% Cashback Home Circle leading to the microsite
  • Cashback Special section in Daily Discover
  • 10% cashback (no min. spend)
  • Vouchers displayed in Daily Vouchers home circle

Cashback marketing is different from each Shopee website. 

Shopee Philippines

Shopee Philippine’s marketing of enhanced cashback sellers involves the use of pages that are most popular with buyers – one of which is the Coins Rewards Page. 

Just a simple backstory as to why the Coins Rewards Page is so popular among buyers: People earn coins from the products that they purchase in the Shopee platform (such as the cashback products). Once they accumulate enough coins, buyers will be able to deduct certain amounts from their order payments. 

Based on Shopee Philippines’ KYC (Know Your Customer) practices, the team concluded that Shopee buyers visit the Coins Rewards page very frequently. Buyers are most likely to be visiting this page prior to purchasing a product. Doing so helps them get a clear understanding of how much they have to spend on their purchase.

Due to the reasons stated in the previous paragraphs, the Coins Rewards page is an excellent place to promote the 10% cashback banner.  

By clicking on the 10% cashback banner, the customer will be directed to the cashback page. This is also where enhanced cashback sellers will be featured. The marketing of the enhanced cashback sellers is grouped per category, shop, and recommended items. 

Shopee Singapore

Shopee Philippines and Shopee Singapore have a different case in terms of cashback marketing. The Philippines mostly focuses on 10%  cashback vouchers. The Singapore branch, on the other hand, offers a variety of 10%, 12%, and 15% cashback vouchers. 

Hence, Shopee Singapore promotes its cashback vouchers twice on the homepage. 

The promotion puts a major focus on the 15% cashback since it is the one with the biggest returns to the buyers. 

Upon clicking on the button, Shopee Singapore introduces their other cashback vouchers of 12%, 15%, as well as 10% for products of all categories. Take note that cashback vouchers can change on a weekly basis. 

Enhanced cashback sellers, whether they are being marketed for the 10%, 12%, or 15% cashback vouchers, are featured on this page in a random and assorted way. The featured products and shops aren’t classified per category. 

For instance, Shopee Singapore has a 10% cashback for men products at this time of writing. But looking in the featured products section, there is no headline separating the men’s products (with 10% cashback) from other products that offer 12% or 15% cashback vouchers (although the buyer will be able to tell the difference as soon as he looks at the product page). 

The Daily Vouchers section is also an excellent spot for seller promotions. Both the Daily 15% and Daily Vouchers pages are hot links since it provides returns to the buyers. 

Upon clicking on the Daily Vouchers button, the buyer will be directed to At first, buyers will be directed to the 10% cashback for men products banner but as soon as they click on the banner, they will be brought to the 15% cashback banner once again. 

Shopee Malaysia

Enhanced cashback sellers from Shopee Malaysia receive marketing benefits from the 10% cashback button located on the homepage.

The 10% cashback button leads to the voucher page where customers can claim the voucher. 

Below the banner is where Shopee Malaysia enhanced cashback sellers will be featured. Shopee’s marketing effort is grouped per category, shop, and recommended items. 

Shopee recommendations give sellers credibility and thus buyers will be more inclined to purchase their products. 

Shopee Malaysia enhanced cashback sellers are also promoted through the Daily Coins Rewards button. 

This leads to the Coins Rewards page where the 10% cashback button is also embedded. The latter, of course, is linked to the 10% cashback page that we previously discussed above. 

All enhanced cashback sellers also receive marketing promotion on the Daily Discover section of the Shopee platform. 

On top of that, you will also receive additional advertising on the search function of Shopee. 

Here is an illustration of how it works. 

First, the buyer searches for an item of interest in the search bar. 

Shopee Enhanced Coins Cashback

In the product search results, you will see that the cashback items are given the most prioritization in the sorting of the products. 

Shopee also markets your products through push-notifications wherein potential buyers will be invited to view your page to look at your cashback offers. 

Aside from the advertisements from Shopee the cashback label which is be imprinted on your product icon as well as on the product page gives buyers an extra motivation to add your product to their cart. 

Coins Cashback Program + Free Shipping

Aside from the additional visibility you get out of the Coins Cashback Program, you can also ship the products for free. This motivates buyers to choose your shop among the rest. 

Your products will also be featured on a daily basis on the Free Shipping Skinny Banner, Dedicated Free Shipping Special Homepage Banner, and the Free Shipping Special Microsite. 

Shopee Enhanced Coins Cashback

The free shipping special homepage banner is what greets buyers the moment they step into the Shopee website or app. At this time, Shopee is centered on promoting essential items for free shipping due to the COVID-19 situation. 

But once the quarantine period has passed, Shopee will be going back to promoting regular items under their free shipping campaigns. 

Shopee Enhanced Coins Cashback

The homepage banner leads to the free shipping microsite. The free shipping banners sit on top of the page. 

Shopee Enhanced Coins Cashback

Underneath the banner is where you will be featured along with other free shipping sellers. 

Shopee Enhanced Coins Cashback

The skinny banner is also found on the homepage, just beside the homepage special banner. Clicking on the skinny banner, will, once again, lead the customer to the free shipping microsite. 

Aside from the advertorials, you also benefit from the free shipping label imprinted on the thumbnail of your products. 

Here is an illustration of how the free shipping label works:

Shopee Enhanced Coins Cashback

A shopper types an item of interest on the Shopee search bar. 

Shopee Enhanced Coins Cashback

A series of products appear on the search results. 

Shopee Enhanced Coins Cashback

Free shipping encourages buyers to choose a product over the next. Hence, products with free shipping labels tend to stand out. 

As part of the free shipping program, Shopee will also promote your products through push notifications. 

Coins Cashback + Free Shipping

As a cashback seller, you will also benefit from the combined forces of the free shipping and coins cashback advertorials. 

Shopee Enhanced Coins Cashback

You will be featured on a weekly basis on the flash deals section. 

Shopee Enhanced Coins Cashback

Your products will be tagged and labeled with free shipping and cashback promos. 

On top of that, your products will also be featured as a cashback + free shipping product in customer searches. 

Shopee Enhanced Coins Cashback

Let’s say someone decided to search for headsets on the Shopee platform. 

Shopee Enhanced Coins Cashback

Enhanced cashback sellers receive the most prioritization in the search results. 

And even though cashback products are also in the results, the free shipping + cashback labels are more attractive to the eyes of customers. 

Shopee Enhanced Coins Cashback

Your products will also dominate the searches if the customer ticks on the cashback and free shipping categories. 

Why Should You Join Shopee’s Cashback Program Today?

The main selling point is the cashback + free shipping promotions for sellers. 

Cashback & Free Shipping is going to be the key marketing message for the incoming 12.12 campaigns. Shopee plans to market the cashback & free shipping aggressively during the 12.12 campaigns as well as other promotional efforts happening in the future. Hence, you will be receiving lots of Shopee-sponsored marketing both in-app as well as social media channels. 

Shopee Enhanced Coins Cashback

The above data provided by Shopee shows that being part of the cashback + free shipping promo brings back twice the gain compared to sticking to only one program. 

How Is The Enhanced Cashback Program Different From The Individual Cashback Or Free Shipping Programs?

You cannot voluntarily join a marketing program that is only specific for either coins cashback or free shipping. These are programs that Shopee only offers to selected sellers. 

If you are eligible to be part of the individual free shipping or coins cashback program, you will receive a Shopee notification on your app. To join, simply click on the notification and provide whatever information Shopee asks of you. 

Meanwhile, Enhanced Cashback is an opt-in program that sellers can join. Of course, Shopee will still select successful applicants accordingly. The team reserves the right to decline certain applicants if they truly do not meet the criteria. 

Despite that, successful applicants are in for a huge surge of income once they make the cut. Programs that are specific for free shipping or coins cashback have limited gains and marketing opportunities. On the other hand, as an enhanced cashback seller, you will receive a heightened priority when it comes to in-app and digital marketing. 

How To Join The Enhanced Coins Cashback Program?

First, you need to sign up using this form. Once you fulfilled and submitted the form, just wait for one week for the successful confirmation of your application. You will receive an in-app notification once you are approved. 

The Shopee team processes sign-ups on every Friday of the week. If you don’t receive a notification after the week, you can check the status on the weekends. You need to send an email to Shopee to let them know that you wish to know the status of your Enhanced Coins Cashback Program application. 

What’s The Catch?

Shopee Enhanced Coins Cashback

In exchange for the marketing and sales promotion that you’ll get, you only have to pay a GST-inclusive participation fee of 5.35% deducted from every successful transaction you receive from your customers. This participation fee will only be active once the Shopee team has confirmed your application. 

The 2.14% GST transaction fee will also apply. The GST-inclusive participation and transaction fees are the only amount Shopee will ever deduct from you as an Enhanced Coins Cashback participant. Shopee lets you utilize the free shipping program with zero fees since the latter is part of your Enhanced Coins Cashback Program membership. 

Enhanced Coins Cashback Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Pay For The Participation Fee?

The Shopee team will automatically deduct the participation rate per successful order that you receive through the program. As a member of the Enhanced Coins Cashback Program, no additional fee will be charged for free shipping. 

Do I Need To Pay A Commission Fee If An Order Is Cancelled?


Will The Participation Fee Be Lower If The Buyer Uses A Shopee Voucher To Avail Of A Discount?

No. Vouchers that are sponsored by Shopee will not have any effect on the Enhanced Coins Cashback participation fee. 

How Often Will The Voucher In The Microsite Be Refreshed?

The Shopee team updates vouchers every week. 

How Can I Opt Out Of The Program?

You need to fill out and submit this form to opt-out. 

How Do I Pay For The Participation Fee?

The participation fee is automatically deducted from each successful order that you receive from your customers. 

What do you think of the Shopee’s Enhanced Coins Cashback program? Have you tried it yet? Let us know your experience in the comment section. 


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