Despite Shopee being one of SE Asia’s biggest eCommerce platforms, a lot of sellers are still presented with a series of challenges when it comes to maximizing sales potential. One of the most common issues sellers usually face is related to product exposure and visibility.

Even though the Shopee platform is packed with thousands of potential buyers at any given time, business competition makes it difficult for many new brands and sellers to get their products noticed. 

Regardless of how challenging it is to compete with Shopee Preferred Sellers or Official Stores, if you’re able to utilize Shopee My Ads in an efficient way, you’ll have a good chance of landing your product in the top five product search results.

How to Choose Keywords and Optimize Shopee Ads

As a sequel to our previous post “Shopee My Ads: Ultimate Guide February 2024”, we will be talking about tips and tricks to help you choose keywords for Shopee Ads. 

The first thing you need to do is to go to[yourcountryinitial]. 

Shopee Advertising - How to Choose Keywords and Optimize Shopee My Ads

Click Create Your Ad. 

Shopee Advertising - How to Choose Keywords and Optimize Shopee My Ads

 You will be directed to the Shopee Seller Center. Enter your details and log in. 

Shopee Advertising - How to Choose Keywords and Optimize Shopee My Ads

As you log in, you will be directed to your Marketing Centre page. 

Shopee Advertising - How to Choose Keywords and Optimize Shopee My Ads

Make sure that the ads option that is selected is Keyword Ads. 

Shopee Advertising - How to Choose Keywords and Optimize Shopee My Ads

Click New Keyword Ads to get started. 

Select the product that you want to use in the campaign. Take note that you can only create a keywords ad for a single product at one time. 

You can set your budget and campaign time length. Then click Add Recommended Keywords. 

As you do this, Shopee will automatically add the most recommended group of keywords for your ad campaign. 

This is the part where it gets tricky as you attempt to choose the best keywords for your campaign. Read further to learn how to choose and optimize Shopee keywords. 

After Selecting All Of Shopee’s Suggested Keywords, Do Not Publish Your Shopee Ads Yet. Instead, Click Add More Keywords

After selecting the Shopee suggestion keywords that you like, do not publish your keywords ads campaign just yet. Instead, click Add Keywords. After this, Shopee will suggest more keywords for you. 

As you do so, Shopee will be suggesting more keywords for you. Adding these additional keywords is up to you. The more keywords that you add, the higher your potential clicks and impressions will be but make sure to have your advertising budget on hand to help you estimate how many keywords you can afford to include in your campaign. 


What you need to focus on here is adding your own keywords (apart from the ones that Shopee has already suggested).

1. Search For Your Chosen Keyword On The Shopee Platform

To look at the efficacy of a certain keyword for your product, you need to think of yourself as an audience and go back to the Shopee platform. Try searching for the keywords that you have been eyeing. 

As a demonstration, we will be using “slippers havaianas” as an example. 

As you can see, the Shopee searched returned product results that are indeed related to our product. Hence, this will be a good keyword to use for your Shopee advertising campaign. 

2. Compare The Cost Of Marketing To The Product Price

Looking at the cost of marketing and the product price can help you in two ways.

1) You will be able to better understand which keywords have a higher success rate

2) You will be able to determine if a keyword is too expensive or if the price is reasonable.

Since the top returns of the “slippers havaianas” keyword was a mixture of Nike and Crocs products instead of actual Havaianas products, I went back to the search bar and typed only “havaianas” as my keyword. 

This was what I got. Up to the bottom of the page, all the products were of Havaianas brand.  

To finalize my decision on which keywords to bid for, I go back to Shopee My Ads and typed both keywords to compare them. 

“Slippers havaianas” has a search volume of 5,466 and a suggested bid of 1.34 PHP. Meanwhile, the “havaianas” keyword has a search volume of 18,724 with a suggested bid of 0.40 PHP. 

Since we are selling slippers, it makes a lot of sense to choose the lower cost and more targetted keyword at first. In this case, this pertains to the “havaianas” keyword.Shopee Advertising - How to Choose Keywords and Optimize Shopee My Ads

But this keyword can pertain to various other products such as backpacks, mini bags, and eyewear. With that, we would be choosing the “slipper havaianas” over this one. 

Shopee Advertising - How to Choose Keywords and Optimize Shopee My Ads

Going back to the “slippers havaianas” Shopee search results, the Crocs and Nike products that dominated the results were of the same quality and material used for Havaianas slippers (made of rubber/lifestyle slippers).

Meanwhile, the “havaianas” keyword has a higher quality score because it brings out the most accurate results for people who are actually searching for Havaianas-branded slippers. As a Havaianas seller, this would be the most viable keyword to bid for. 

Cost Of Marketing And Product Sales

Looking at the cost of marketing and product price will enable you to work within a budget. 

For sake of simplicity, we can assume a $1 cost per ad click and a  5% conversion rate for your Shopee My Ads.

If the price of a pair of Havaianas slippers is $10, we can have this formula to estimate break-even:

$1 cost per ad click * 20 clicks = 1 conversion and total ad cost of $20.

Since the price of the slippers is only $10, this would not be a positive ROI use of the advertising budget.

To make this a sustainable investment channel, you need to find a way to increase your conversion rate or lower your CPC.

You can adjust the numbers accordingly but this is just a basic example for you to determine whether you will

3. Update Your Product Title And Description With New Keywords To Optimize The My Ads Campaign

Your My Ads campaign will be more effective if you mix and match the keywords you’re bidding on to the keywords in your product title and description.

We will be using A Bonne Lotion as a separate product example. 

Shopee Advertising - How to Choose Keywords and Optimize Shopee My Ads

I went to the Shopee platform to search for A Bonne lotion listings and found the one above. I will be taking out specific keywords from the title “A bonne Miracle Milk UV Whitening Lotion w/ Lycopene 500 ml”. We will mix and match these keywords to create our own SEO-optimized title. 

As I used Shopee My Ads Keyword search tool, these are the results I found:

Shopee Advertising - How to Choose Keywords and Optimize Shopee My Ads

Miracle Milk was a keyword used in the A Bonne product listing that we took from Shopee. We now see that this keyword actually has zero search volume (which means that it is not a good option for Shopee My Ads). 

The click-through rate for “milk” is pretty reasonable based on its 115,758 search volume. However, we still cannot use this keyword because this pertains to a different product. 

Shopee Advertising - How to Choose Keywords and Optimize Shopee My Ads

The “miracle milk” keyword, meanwhile, would have been a pretty good keyword because as we searched on Shopee, it gives us a product search result relevant to the product we are selling. 

Shopee Advertising - How to Choose Keywords and Optimize Shopee My Ads

UV has no other competition in terms of keywords. It has a low click-through rate and a high search volume. We will also be using this for our product title. 

Shopee Advertising - How to Choose Keywords and Optimize Shopee My Ads

The obvious choice here is “whitening lotion” since it is a long-tail keyword with only little price difference compared to the “lotion” keyword. 

Shopee Advertising - How to Choose Keywords and Optimize Shopee My Ads

Lycopene has a search volume of 70. While the click-through price is attractive, it does not serve our product listing much difference for the My Ads campaign. In that case, we will just have to leave it out. 

Final Product Title With Keywords

A Bonne Whitening Lotion With Miracle Milk Extract

Why Do You Have To Edit The Product Title With The Keywords?

Let us look at the previous keywords once again:

A Bonne

Whitening Lotion

Miracle Milk

If a buyer searches for A Bonne, your product will most certainly appear in the search results. The same goes for Whitening Lotion and Milk. However, buyers who type “Milk” into the search bar might not be the kind of audience that you can convert into lotion buyers. By adding the complete keywords into your product title, you will be able to target the right people and thus converting your marketing effort to product sales will be much easier. 

4. You Can Bid On Keywords That Are Not Used In Your Product Name

We recommend that you select keywords that you can apply to your product title. However, afterward, you can still bid on other keywords. 

Your Shopee Ads campaign will be most effective as you mix and match various keyword strategies. 

One of the most effective strategies is by adding keywords to your product title. To further strengthen your campaign, it would be a good idea to use other relevant keywords (Doing so will improve product searchability and visibility). Just make sure that these keywords are directly and strictly related to your product. 

To make sure that you’ve chosen the most appropriate keywords, you can use tip #1 (search for the keywords on the Shopee search bar just like any buyer would do) once again. 

5. Don’t Just Focus On Keywords. Instead, Enhance Your Product Listing’s Clickability

While ads play a major role in increasing one’s product visibility, other factors are also important. For one thing, it is also vital to have an attractive offer. 

Here are some tips for you to increase your product’s clickability:

  • Product Image

It really helps to make your product listing visually appealing to customers. Since customers are unable to actually get a feel of a product while online shopping, they mostly base the purchase value of an item based on the physical appearance and the perceived quality of the product. While people will most likely be looking into the quality, your product listing needs to look good in order for the customer to take interest in it.

  • Coherent Product Description

Your product description should be coherent and complete so as to give your customers a clear idea of what they can expect from the product. It should contain how the product looks like (shape, color, etc.) as well as the product’s main features. Include the model or unit of the item if it is necessary. This helps your customers visualize using the product that leads them to make a final decision. It is better to be transparent about your product in the description so as to avoid negative product reviews. Product with better reviews is typically given higher priority by customers. Hence, your item becomes more click-worthy. 

  • A Good Product Title

We briefly talked about the importance of the proper placement of keywords in the product title. More than that, however, you also have to ensure that the product title summarizes what the customer needs to know about the item that will capture their interest. The product title should hook the customer enough for him to click on the product. 


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